Disc Tools Changer Best CNC Router For Furniture Making
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Disc Tools Changer Best CNC Router For Furniture Making

  • SMC1530

Disc Tools Changer cnc router for cabinets

Application industry:  

Disc Tools Changer Best CNC Wood Router Machine is applied to panel furniture, wardrobe, cabinets, office furniture, custom furniture, Plate-type furniture,cabinet bureau,office furniture. Rough shape cutting and vertical punching process of custom furniture.etc now the best CNC wood router machine for sale with cost price  

CNC Router Machine For Cabinets features:  

1.The machine from auto loading,optimize rough shape cutting ,vertical punching to auto unloading without stopping. Working process without interruption,achieve the max efficiency output.  

2.The control interface of the machine design humanization,quite easy operation.the operator can operate it just with few hours training. The machine motion agility high speed and high efficiency. It can help you achieve off-take potential leap.  

3.Stable performance,it adopts some import parts,such as high-power air cooling spindle,Japan Servo drive system,Planetary Reducer,France Schneider electrical components and so on.  

4.The table is double-deck vacuum suck table,it can tightly suck different area materials.

cnc router for kitchen cabinet parameters





SA Series Linear Automatic tools changer

Machine Body

Thickening of lathe bed, the high temperature heat treatment, machining center, high precision, long service life

Working area





Idling 60-80m/min  Working speed:20m/min


Y axis 3.0  X,Z Axis 2.5


screw rack

Main parts

Yaskawa Servo servo motor and drivers


11KW/380V Inverter from Taiwan

NK200 System


Standard huge control box

9KW Air cooling ATC Spindle Italy ISO30ER32

Double Spindles

8 pieces Disc tools holder

HIWIN Rail for 3 axis   Helical tooth rack

Original TBI Ball screw

Electricity parts: Original Schneider


Double thickening mesa, suction bigger and more uniform

Automatic tool sensor,Automatic lubricating system

Ancillary attachment

Dust collector double bagsBrushDust pipesDust holder

Vacuum pump

6 pieces holders

ISO30 ER32 Collet 12.7  8 pieces

Collet 6 2 pieces;Collet 4 2 pieces;Spanners 2 sets


380V 3 phase


CNC Router with Weihong NK200 control system pictures:

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acrylic cutting cnc router

cnc router for kitchen cabinet

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