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Jinan Smart Technology is the most trusted original equipment manufacturer of fabricating CNC appliances and industrial lasers in China. We provide our clients advanced and original, high-tech products, as well as solutions in the field of CNC laser-based production for different material processing applications.

Our core business is design and production of woodworking CNC router, laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, fabric laser cutting machines, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, CNC plasma, wood turning lathe, vacuum membrane machine for furniture etc. Major point for Smartech:emoji: success is that it has applied latest scientific research and expertise to move up the technological stepladder, concentrating on innovative products design and processes as well as following market demands.


02. July 2020
Free sharing of 3D design drawings of children's wooden rocking horses

Free sharing of 3D design drawings of children's wooden rocking horsesChildren's wooden rocking horse, with moderate swing design, safe and secure, exercise your baby's limb coordination and balance. The solid wood handrails can exercise your baby's arm strength and make your baby's play full of fun

3D design drawings of wooden rocking horses.jpg
20. June 2020
Application of metal laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

Fiber laser cutting machine application is very widely around our life.but we normally not know what they are made of.Most of the stuff in kitchen is made by fiber laser cutting machine. today we will show you the applications of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry.

15. January 2020
What Machines would you need to set up a fully functioning woodwork shop?

Here are the equipment and Tools Needed for woodworking. Lets begin with the Equipment.Equipment Used in Wood WorkingIf you want to make any furniture in your house or you want to start your own wood products factory then wood working equipment is a must. Wood working equipments introduction.

cnc router for furnitures making.png
22. June 2020
Small laser engraving cutting machine on the gifts cutting

One friend own a small shop for crafts and many kinds of gifts.Recently he made one small car with his laser engraving machine 60w which bought from us 3 years ago.Today he shared the pictures with me , the plywood and paints etc cost is only no more than five dollars but he could sell it at 35$ at

17. June 2020
Can the laser cutting machine work continuously

The laser cutting machine mainly cuts the board through the laser. The device replaces the traditional mechanical knife and has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting. For this kind of equipment, many manufacturers will hope to continue to work, including many people will also consider the equipment's operating time and loss when purchasing.

no photo
19. June 2020
Which power and speed should i set for my laser?

Here we paste one picture for the laser machine settings test which you could also do this way to use laser engraving cutting machines better.Laser engraving cutting machine tube power is 50WTest on 3.6mm plywood,6mm plywood and 5mm MDF settings.If you wanna to know more about the laser engraving cu

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