3D Dynamic Curve Relief Engraving Laser Marking Machine for Coin Brass Stainless Steel with Feeltek 3D Galvo Head
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3D Dynamic Curve Relief Engraving Laser Marking Machine for Coin Brass Stainless Steel with Feeltek 3D Galvo Head

  • Laser Marking Machine


  • 43μm

  • 30W


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*1.      3D Fiber Marking Machine --Machine Basic Information                                          







#Applications primarily suited for curved surface marking & engraving, such as stepped appearance, wave shape, cambered,medical instruments,electronics,cups,pens etc .It could be used on all metal, including steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, silver, gold,Iron,Acrylic,Glass, Plastic etc.

computer…………………………one set   

Keyboard and mouse .............one set      

Marking head………………one set

laser power…………one set(wider and larger frequency range,more faster and deeper marking)  

controlling cabinet ……………………one set

Stent and working table ……………one set  

optical system…………………one set

cooling system ………………………one set   

data connection………………………………one set

Latest original software……one set( very easy to operate)      

user manual and CD ……………………….one copy  

Include each necessary part,no need to buy other additional parts,you could use directly after received machine.

3 years Warranty covers laser machine parts.

Includes every part, you could use directly after received machine.





First layer is film,second layer is protective strong foam,third layer is Strong wooden case


800x450x750mm Gross weight is:90KG

Delivery Time

7-15 working days after get deposit


30% T/T in advance, 70% before delivery

Warranty Time

3 years (replace parts during warranty(no human reason))






Portable laser marking machine





What is the difference between the 2D laser marking machine and 3D laser marking machine ?:

@1. control card and lens is different. @2.software is different

2D Fiber Laser Marking Systems.The 2-axis deflection units can be used to deflect a laser beam in X and Y directions. This produces a two-dimensional area allowing a laser to be directed at any position. This area is known as the marking fieldas shown in the diagram. Deflection is performed by two mirrors, each of which is moved by a galvanometer scanner. The deflection unit has a beam input, into which the laser beam is fed, and a beam output, through which a laser beam is emitted from the unit after deflection.


3D Fiber Laser Marking Systems In a 3-axis sub module the laser beam first enters a moving lens the Linear-Translator-Module. A moving lens diverges the beam rapidly before it passes one or two focusing lenses. Then the beam hits a deflection unit that directs the laser towards any x-y position inside the marking field.


*Features :                                                                                              

#Support a variety of file formats and coding, can import a variety of graphics software files, vector graphics, text, bar code etc

#Software independent design, support secondary development, support for multi-language, for the sub-application to do the optimization, open interface, can be customized according to demands.

#Point-by-point dynamic compensation algorithm to ensure that the focus within the format consistency, processing better.

#Provide pipeline dynamic marking, visual positioning marking, automatic marking and other solutions to meet the diverse needs of users.

#Support 3D application function, support import STL model, self-built model, support 3D data editing, rapid realization of 3D surface marking, embossing processing.

#For a variety of shapes carved, the three-axis control can be achieved freedom control of focus, undifferentiated marking in variety of steps and uneven surfaces.

#A greater range marking. Under the premise of standard marking range, z-axis can achieve variable focal length of 40mm marking range, #Z-axis can achieve variable focal length of 40mm marking.

#High precision marking. The three-axis scanning system can arbitrarily adjust the focus of the traditional fixed-focus laser marking machine, eliminate the range deformation and spot deviations from the characteristics of traditional F lens.

#Wide kinds of applications.

such as:

MetalStainless SteelSteelAluminumBrassCopperIronSilverGoldTitaniumCarbide metalCobaltChromeCoated metalsTinPlatinum SteelNon MetalEngineering PlasticPAPCPBTABSNylonPESPVCMakrolonElectroplating MaterialCoating MaterialsEpoxy


Stainless Steel









Carbide metal



Coated metals


Platinum Steel

Non Metal

Engineering Plastic









Electroplating Material

Coating Materials


 *    Detailed Information                                                                                

3D PLUS dynamic focusing system


Hardware Configuration

 Hardware Configuration All core components in our standard configuration are sourced from the top manufacturer in the industry.

Optic Design: Innovative aspheric lens, designed on the basis of laser beam characters (PAT. 201410460960.6).

Z-Axis: High speed linkage was chosen, rapid response time, equipped with THK Japan high precision liner guider with high stability and long life.

Software Configuration

Self designed LenMark software: Open interface, can be customized according to specific requirements.

LenMark-3DS software : High quality processing on 3D curved surface and relief.

Software individuality for various industry: Laser marking on moving workpieces, visual positioning, edge cutting for embroidery and other industries Software Configuration.

Laser Source

The Fiber Laser Marking System offers excellent laser beam quality with the latest technology.Life span could be 100,000 hours life time laser source (Means over 10 years)


Laptop Computer 

Laptop Computer, Easy carry and operate.

Software well installed in the computer. Just need start working on this machine when you get it.


Height Adjustable Table 

One of the most popular model, Stand with 300mm height working distance. Easy carry and work on mostly work pieces.


3D Laser Head 

 You have different option on 3D marking head. 110mm*110mm, 175mm*175mm, 300mm*300mm. 


Laser Glass for free

Laser protection glass protect your eyes without any laser effects.for any customers who buy Smartech machines,will receive laser glass for free to protect their eyes.


Rotation Axis 

Easily Marking on round parts.

The fixture for hold round part engraving, rings, tubes or any round workpiece.


SF 20W/30W /50W

Laser power

Fiber 20W/30W/50W air cooling

Laser source life span

More than 100,000 hours

Laser / PC Connectivity

Standard USB 2.0 Port

Response time


Frequency of pulse


 Automatic Function

Automatic engraving Date, Serial number, Batch number, File link

Engraving Line Depth


Scanning Speed


Max Marking speed

12000mm/s (470in/s)

Spot size    

 ≤40 micron (F-theta 160)

Minimum Characters


Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz)

0.95 mJ

Laser switching ON/off time   

180 μsec

Marking content

Text,pattern,date,bar code,etc

Operation system

Windows 2000 Win XP, Win 7, English Interface

Power Consumption


Graphic format supported

bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.

Unit power


Operation temperature



Continuous working time



Relative moisture

 90%,no fog


Supply Voltage





Before sale:

We would always be here to provide any information you need at the first time,and give professional suggestions according to your real needs for free;

During sale:

We would deal with all the production and shipping affairs,after everything is ready,we would tell you everything goes well here;

After sale:

      We would provide English Version working manual.

      If you have any questions during using and maintaining,our engineers who could speak very good english would answer you online or by calls.Machine warranty is 3 years.So if your machine has any unintentional damages,we would provide parts for free.

      If your machine has big problems if by any chance,our engineers would arrive there to debug and fix.Could be remote control if needed. 

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