Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3015 Fiber Laser Cutter 1 KW 2 KW 3KW 6 KW
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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3015 Fiber Laser Cutter 1 KW 2 KW 3KW 6 KW

  • Fiber laser cutting machine Model SJF1530


  • 1500*3000mm

  • 500W/750W/1000W/1500W/2000W/2500W/3000W/4000W

  • red

Product Description

Application industry:Metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliance manufacturing,cooking utensils, tools machining , such as a variety of machinery manufacturing and processing industry.

Application Materials:Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment is suitable for metal cutting like Stainless Steel Sheet, Mild Steel Plate, Carbon Steel Sheet, Alloy Steel Plate, Spring steel Sheet, Iron Plate, Galvanized Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum Plate, Copper Sheet,Brass,Sheet, Bronze,Plate, Gold Plate, Silver Plate, Titanium Plate, Metal Sheet, Metal Plate, Tubes and Pipes, etc

Product name
Fiber laser cutting machine Model SJF1530
Working Area
Laser Type
Original Raycus Fiber laser generator
Laser Power
Precise pinion and rack, dual-drive transmitting
Beam Quality
Positioning Accuracy
≤ ±0.03mm/m
Re-positioning Accuracy
Min line width
Cooling System
Water cooling
Max Speed
0-120m/min(depending on material and thickness)
Power Supply Rated Voltage
3-phase 380V/50Hz
Laser wavelength
Max load-bearing of work table
Machine Dimension
Continuous working time
24 hours
Rated voltage and frequency
1.5 G
Right elevation
Left elevation
Front elevation

Equipment features:

1). Fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet cutting. Suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel,galvanized, or other non ferrous metals, like: copper and Aluminum.

2). Heavy duty welded machine frame, after over 1000 degree thermal treatment and vibration aging, will not deformation in long term use, and keep stable and high precision.

3). Machine with Aluminium cast gantry, aerospace standard inside struction, with the highest strength among other gantry and light weight, improve machine speed, crosion resistance, anti-oxidation,durable in long term use.

4). High quality cutting effect, no need for second process, allow cut with complicated drawings.

5). For metal component, precision parts processing, steel processing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, central air conditioner, advertising light and panel, metal art craft and so on.Suitable for high precision metal cutting.

6). Easy optional, can edit drawings on site, other language version controller can be customize.

7).Professional laser optical system and imported lens, stable and reliable;

8).Efficient and stable programming and control system, simple and easy to learn and humanization, compatible with a variety of CAD drawing formats, intelligent arrangement cost saving, automatic cutting path matching saves processing time;

9).Less energy consumption and low cost; high stability, simple and convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost;

10).No mold, flexible processing, can meet the processing requirements of various special-shaped workpiece;

11).High cutting efficiency, high cutting quality, no noise, and the Cutting speed is up to 30m/min when cutting sheet; Seam deformation is small, the appearance is smooth, beautiful;

12).High precision servo motor, guide rail, gear rack, ensure the machining efficiency and machining accuracy, the stability and reliability of the equipment is greatly improved.

13).Machine tool, crossbeam and worktable adopt integral welding structure,in accordance with the standard large machine, to stress annealing after precision finishing and then for vibration aging treatment, it can completely eliminate the welding stress and processing stress, keep high-strength, high precision, and also keep the 20 years of normal operation without deformation.

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