Combinations of cnc router with ccd camera registration system/oscillating knife heads 4x8 feet
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Combinations of cnc router with ccd camera registration system/oscillating knife heads 4x8 feet

  • CNC Router

  • Smartech

  • 1300x2500x200mm

  • 380v

Multiply functions CNC router with CCD camera registration system /oscillating knife heads 

This SWOK Series CNC router comes with two-heads function, including one 3KW spindle and one knife for soft material. 

 Adopt industrial Germany Balser CCD to monitor and positioning the cutting & engraving progress, also comes with oscillating knife head which is especially used for soft materials and polygon shapes of cartoons, signage, leather, fabric, etc cutting.


Processable materials: Acrylic, wood. Aluminum plate, ABS sheet. Insulation board Electric Board, thick foam, aluminum-plastic board, polypropylene hollow sheet PVC, KT board,anti-special board, artificial stone, epoxy resin, ABC, copper, walls, etc. 

Application field: Advertising logo, UV printing, sliding door, soft bag, reflective film L lightbox soft film, adhesive sticker, Panel furniture, solid wood furniture, electronics industry, advertising decoration, soundbox, speakers musical instruments, furniture, architectural model craft gift, showcase, electronics, and other industries.

Combination of CNC router with an oscillating knife and CCD camera machine Features:

1. Cutting by knife no air pollution, no burnt edge, cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than laser machine
2. Imported square linear guide and Japan servo motor ensure high precision and fast cutting speed.
3. Installed with Ethernet port which is a more convenient operation.
4. very easy to operate with one button to switch/shift between knife & spindle.

5. A special safety sensing device meets the European standard.

6. It can be flexibly equipped with different cutting tools to meet a variety of needs. 

7.including all function of standard CNC router, and vibrating knife cutting machine.

8.Breakpoint continuous engraving function: When a power failure or other unexpected condition causes the machine to stop, restart the machine, it will start processing from the breakpoint

9.Emergency stop switch: If machine have error, running fast, emergency touch people, the machine will stop, it is very convenient, you press again machine will start to work. Just like our machine have Triple protection switch.

10. No consumption parts except for the cutter blades.while the laser machine needs to change consumption tubes.


With multiple functions by one machine. It realized automatic positioning and cutting, supports cutting and switching for the vibrating knife, mop knife, semi-cutter blade, spindle, etc. 


cnc router ccd oscillating.jpg

German industrial camera: with the German Basler industrial camera for more accurate positioning. 



Special-shaped edge-finding, aiming at various shapes for CCD registration function

Japan servo: Equipped with Japan servo, it provides stable power for vibrating knife, and has the characteristics of accurate smooth cutting for special-shaped products.

cnc router with ccd.jpg

Multiply functions CNC router with CCD camera/oscillating knife heads  specifications:


Standard Specifications SWOK Series 

X,Y,Z Working Area


Spindle Power

Chinese/Italy HSD spindle +CCD Camera +knife

X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Table Surface

Vacuum and T-slot table

X,Y,Z Rail and Transmission 

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw 


7.5kw oil-less vacuum pump 

Max. Rapid Travel Rate 


Max. Working Speed


Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Japan 750w Yaskawa servo motor and driver

Working Voltage


Command Language

G Code

Operating System

SMARTECH  control System 



Software Compatibility 

Option:Type3, Ucancam, Artcam, Solidworks,etc. 

Running Environment 

Temperature: 0℃~45℃ 

Relative Humidity: 30%~75% 


Standard Specifications BCM2040C 

Auto tools changer 

8 pieces 

Frame structure 

Welding structure 


12 pieces ER32 collect 

Dust collector 

1 piece 



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