3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Curve
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3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Curve

Application Advantages: 1 pulse width, wider application range of material - Wide repetition rate for diverse application - Excellent beam quality, excellent processing performance - First pulse availability and quicker pulse response speed, good choice for highly precise & fine marking - No light leaking, safe marking #color marking and black marking on stainless steel. #Excellent marking effect on plastic or other sensitive material #Custom converyor belt for pen marking with much more high efficient work.
  • SJF3D-50


  • 20W/30W/60W/80W/100W/120W

  • as your preference

3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Curve Engraving

*Laser marking machine Applications:

Laser marker primarily suited for curved surface marking & engraving,such as stepped appearance,wave shape,cambered surface.It could be used on all metal,including steel,aluminum, copper, titanium,silver,gold etc

#Working area:110x110mm,(160x160mm is available,price is the same)

#Fiber laser power source options from 20W/30W/60W/80W/100W/120W

#air cooling


#Computer one set

Position accuracy <+/-0.01mm

Working voltage: AC220V/110V+/-10% 50Hz/60Hz

2 year Warranty covers laser machine parts.

Includes every part, you could use directly after received machine

*SF series 3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine Features:

#1.For a variety of shapes carved, the three-axis control can be achieved freedom  control of focus, undifferentiated marking in variety of steps and uneven surfaces.

#2.A greater range marking. Under the premise of standard marking range, z-axis can    achieve variable focal length of 40mm marking range, #Z-axis can achieve variable  focal length of 40mm marking.

#3.High precision marking. The three-axis scanning system can arbitrarily adjust the  focus of the traditional fixed-focus laser marking machine, eliminate the range  deformation and spot deviations from the characteristics of traditional F lens.

#4.More suitable for deep engraving. The dynamic marking is able to automatically    adjust the focus in the process of engraving, deeper marking depth through marking on the machined surface with continuously highest energy density.

Update Software of 3d laser marker:

Compatible with the graphics editing capabilities of EZCAD2 software/lenmark, add 3D projection, package function, perfect realization of curve surface markers

With layer function, support multi layer process; support 3D layer marking,3D layer cutting, fast dynamic fill, support external layered file, SLC layered function

Support 3D deep engraving,3D print

64bit software core,support large marking file

3D scanhead calibrate,linear calibrate in z direction

Friendly interface, powerful, easy to operate

ezcad software

Large field marking,3D surface marking, engraving,3D printing.Support customized development

LenMark software supports self-built 3D model libraries and imported stl3D model files.

The 3D curly bread coating technology developed by FEELTEK can effectively avoid the distortion in 3D map and realize the perfect 3D map.

3D projection allows users to easily map, mark, and read the surface two-dimension code.

Product characteristics

  • Support the import of kinds of vector files and bitmap files.

  • Support network port, serial port data reading, can facilitate automatic production line data interfaction.

  • Self-developed software, support further development. Optimization for application, open interface, can be customized to requirements.

  • Support multi correction methods: fast and high precision correction on high precision ideal platform and free adjustment of each position focal point under the non-ideal plane, and finally achieve full format focus consistency.

  • Provide production line marking, visual positioning marking, automation marking, and other solutions to meet the diverse needs of the customer.

  • Support 3D application, support importing of STL model,self-developed model, etc. Support 3D data editing rapid realization of 3D surface marking, relief processing.

  • Support expansion of 3D scanning requirement, it can realize the rapid localization and reverse processing of 3D workpieces, and the rapid marking of workpieces can be realized without the workpiece model.

Standard configuration:

Large field marking

Optional configuration: 

Platform moving line, 3D surface moving line, CCD, Projection Positioning,3D surface marking,  Relief,  360°rotation marking,

3d laser marking lenmark(1)

3d laser marking machine


3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine sample pictures: 

engraving on (copper/silver/hard plastic)

Sample name:engraving (copper)

Sample size:φ30*30mm

Adopt system:F10

Application function:enraving

Applicable industries:mould industry

metal ball marking

Sample name:metal ball marking

Sample size:φ100mm

Adopt system:F20

Application function:curve marking

Applicable industries:metal processing

curve marking

auto exhaust pipe information marking

Sample name:auto exhaust pipe information marking

Sample size:φ100*50mm

Adopt system:F20

Application function:3D surface marking

Applicable industries::Auto industry

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