SMARTECH CNC LASER TOP SALE cnc plasma pipe cutting machine
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SMARTECH CNC LASER TOP SALE cnc plasma pipe cutting machine



  • 1300*2500mm plasma cutting

  • 60A/100A/120A/160A/200A

  • red

Product Description
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Product name
plasma square pipe cutting machine
Round pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube
Square pipe
Diameter 50-400mm , cutting length 6m/9m/12m
Round pipe
Diameter 50-630mm ,cutting length 6m/9m/12m
Cutting method
Plasma & flame
Control system
Advantech IPC/Starfire/Start
Programing Software
Curvelibrary, Tekla, AutoCAD
Driving system
Japan Servo Motor
Traverse speed
10~6000mm/min (2/5 ~236 in/min)
Pmi/hiwin rails
Torch height controller precision
Longitudinal line accuracy
Longitudinal line accuracy
Untouched arc striking
Moving precision
0.01mm per step
Cutting speed
10~2000mm/min (2/5 ~78 in/min)
Plasma bevel thickness
3 phase 380V
Advance and efficient operating systems & software
Automatic big size chuck
Long size rotary
Fangling Control system
Could cut square round oval shapes pipes
Cutting torch china huayuan or hypertherm usa
1.Heavy duty machine frame,long life span and would not be easy to be deformed from a long term run. 2.Starfire or start controller which is very famous in China and abroad.easy to operate. 3.Machine comes with full set parts,includes the software.Just need you know the english words for the operation. 4.Adopted HIWIN Rails imported from Taiwan. Assure a high precision and stability. 5.THC device could adjust the torch height control very well. 6.Normally,Machine comes with exhaust fan or water table for options,and keep a no smoke environment for operators. 7.Each machine comes with leakage protector,to protect operators’ safety from the electricity accidents. 8.Famous power supply China Huayuan or USA Hypertherm for option. 9.Servo motor and driver,speed would be faster and more stable.

10.Movable rotary device for pipes cutting.

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