Manual Edge Banding Machine From Factory
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Manual Edge Banding Machine From Factory

  • SEM Series


Manual sealing machine adopts automatic control, the edge of large scope of work, can ensure the hot melt adhesive paste does not leak, straight edge curve, applicable to all kinds of material has the advantages of small volume, light weight.

Suitable for various furniture, cabinets, etc. the use of teaching aid factory.

Use scope:

Manual sealing machine adopts foreign advanced technology, advanced structure is mounted under the plastic box, plastic shaft with glue, the glue uniform, can choose sheet and tape double-sided adhesive, manual feeding. On the side of the curve, straight edge plate.

For processing of furniture, cabinet processing, indoor decorative plate edge and other aspects, low price, wide application.


1. Streamlined, lightweight, high quality, price of the United states.

2. Special glue tank thermal insulation design capacity increase and preheating time is short.

3. Applicable range of 3 edgeband width increased to 8mm-50 mm.

4. Thermostat: according to the temperature and heat Sol edgeband sol required, automatic temperature control.

5. Governor: according to different coating and pressure to adjust the speed of the machine.

6. All electrical appliances and pneumatic components are up to UL and CSA standards, the whole machine has passed CE testing and certification.

7. Plastic shaft fixing rack is made of cast steel, cast steel in heat and vibration when more stable deformation, plastic shaft and main shaft are fixed by the two fulcrum of the fixed frame, and a triangular design, stable structure, strong and durable.

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