Double Spindles 4*8 Cnc Router with 2 Individual Spindles
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Double Spindles 4*8 Cnc Router with 2 Individual Spindles

* Gantry-travelling, sturdy, reliable and stable, non-deforming, high locating accuracy. * No engraving saw-tooth, smooth undersurface, legible contour, by high-power spindle. * Auto seeking original point system, a good way to improve the working effeciency. * Large compatibility of drawing software, such as type3/Actcam/Artcut, etc. * The advanced professional control system compatible with many instructionformat, may achieve process function in interruption of power supply, breakpoint and next day which is more convenient and save labor. * Machine body use heavy steel structure, welding tempering aging,strong enough to avoid shape change. * With High efficiency;High stable;Multi-use Popular controller;High loading capacity and smooth operation. * This machine is suit for diverse complexity products processing: engraving andmilling, drilling, cutting, chamfering edge etc.
  • SW1525-2


  • 3KW/3.5KW/4.5KW/5.5KW/6KW/9 KW

Applications of  CNC Router with Double Spindles

(1)WoodFurniture Industry: Wave Plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.

(2)Advertising Industry: advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making,blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.

(3) Artwork and Decoration: wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box

(4)Die Industry:A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand,plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wooden planks and other non-metallic mold.

(5)Relief Sculpture and 3D Engraving Cylindrical object.

Advantages of Double Spindles cnc router from Smartech

Easy and safe operation and low maintenance cost.

♦ Single or double rotary devices are available for the cnc router as an option

♦  3.0kw HQD spindle and 4.5kw HQD spindle, spindles can be changed with the demands from system. One optional spindle can be rotated 90 degree for lock slot, side milling woodworking etc

♦  Overall seamless steel tube structure. After tempering treatment, reliving of internal pressure, ensure the bathe more rigidty, reliability and durability, no distoration for whole structure.

Top-quality world famous brand components, to make the machine hig-precision and high-efficiency. HSD spindle, Delta inverter, TBI ball screw, Syntec control system etc,

Humanized and beautiful designing. Breakpoint specific memory to keep the carving status when power off, processing time forcast and other functions in case of the accidental power outages.

cnc router 15251525 cnc router parts

Parameters of CNC Router Double Spindles

No. Description Parametrs
1 X,Y,Z Working Area: 1500*2500*200mm
2 Table Size: 1450*3640mm
3 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy: ±0.03/300mm
4 X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy: ±0.03mm
5 Table Surface: Vacuum and T-slot combined(option:T-slot Table)
6 Frame: Steel Tube Welded Structure
7 X,Y Structure: Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rails Linear Bearings
8 Z Structure: Hiwin Rails Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
9 Max. Power Consumption: 3.0kw(without spindle)
10 Max. Rapid Travel Rate: 30,000mm/min
11 Max. Working Speed: 25,000mm/min
12 Spindle Power: 3.0/4.5/6/7 KW Air Cooling Spindle
13 Spindle Speed: 0-18000 RPM/0-24000RPM
14 Drive Motors: Stepper Motor System/ Servo
15 Working Voltage: AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3PH (Option:220V)
16 Command Language: G Code
17 Operating System: DSP Control System (Options:Ncstudio/ Mach3 PC Software)
18 Computer Interface: USB
19 Flash Memory: 128M (U Disk)
20 Collet: ER25/ER32
21 X,Y Resolution: < 0.03mm
22 Software Compatibility: Type3/Ucancame V9 Software(Option: Artcam Software)
23 Running Environment Temperature: 0°-45°
24 Relative Humidity: 30%-75%
25 Packing Size: 3750x2250x2100mm
26 N.W.: 1750kg
27 G.W.: 2190kg
 PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.
Double spindles CNC Router  Machine (Click Below Picture):  

double heads cnc router with rotary

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CNC Router machine working samples:

PVC Engravingcnc router double headsdouble heads cnc router

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