600x600MM Large Dynamic CO2 100W Laser Marking Machine From China
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600x600MM Large Dynamic CO2 100W Laser Marking Machine From China

The CO2 laser marking machine uses an infrared light band, a 10.64 μm gas laser.The CO2 gas is charged into a high-pressure discharge tube to generate a glow discharge. The gas molecules emit lasers.The laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam for material processing The laser beam vaporizes the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of engraving.Carbon dioxide laser marking machine adopts imported packaged CO2 laser, equipped with German high-speed scanning galvanometer and beam expanding focusing system, high marking accuracy and fast speed ;laser height can be adjusted up and down, easy to use, and can change various markings Format lens; long continuous working time, clear and beautiful marking, powerful software function, serial number marking, flying marking; fixed laser marking design, simple operation, perfect up and down air extraction system, environmental protection and safety at work; suitable for various Leather, leather, two-color board, plastic and
  • CO2 laser marker


  • 60W/80W/100W



Main Products:

High speed galvanometer and path expander fans system. stable path fast marking; economic design, red light positioning system, industry computer strong anti-interference and adaptation stable working position for 24 working! Multi-function software, compatible with general image format, general vector graphics, image processing functions, and support multiple languages.

1. High precision and speed. Marking depth can be controlled easily. Continue working no need maintenance.

2. U.A.S imported RF tube together with high speed galvanometer and path expander fans system. stable path fast marking

3. With glass CO2 tube .High power big working site with lower price.

4. Industry computer, strong anti-interference and adaptation stable working position for 24 working.

5. Red position system avoids material waste.

6. Multi-function software with friendly interface support win7/xp/2000 together with many languages version. Supporting True Type font and single line font JSP, DMF, One-dimensional code and VIN code.

7. supporting bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif file together with ai, dxf, dst, plt. Work on 256 level grey image. Image processing for grey conversion, black white conversion and dot.

8. Free control system and outside equipment.

Laser  Power 60W/80W/100W Water Cooling System
Working  Area  100*100mm/150*150mm/300*300mm
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
Laser Wavelength   10.64um
Response Time 0.5ms
Frequency of pulse 20-100KHz
Marking Depth ≤0.4mm
Marking Speed ≤8000mm/s
Marking Lines 1-10 lines
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.002mm
Resolution Ratio 0.1mm
Marking Content Text, pattern, date, bar code, etc
Operation System Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000
Control Software EZCAD Control Software
Graphic Format Supported BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, Ai, DXF, PLT, PNG, TIF, ai, DXF, DST, etc.
Unit Power ≤1.2KW
Operation Temperature 5°C-40°C
Relative Moisture ≤ 90%, no fog
Supply Voltage


CO2 Laser Marking Machine Applicable Industry:

Craft gifts, furniture, leather garments, advertising signs, model making, food packaging, electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plate, shell plate and so on. 

CO2 Laser Marking Machine Applicable industry:

Leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, organic glass, tile, plastic, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and other non-metallic materials.


co2 parts

CO2 Laser Marking Machine in workshop

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Here are some samples of the Co2 laser marking machine as follows:

laser marking on mirror

co2 laser marking on mirror

laser marking on marble

co2 laser marking on marble

laser marking on wood

co2 laser marking on wood

laser marking on glass

co2 laser marking on glass

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