handheld laser cleaning machine Laser Cleaning Machine
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handheld laser cleaning machine Laser Cleaning Machine

  • fiber laser


  • Handhold

  • 1100mm×700mm×1150mm

  • 1000W/1500W/2000W

Product Description

Model: Smart -1000/1500/2000W

Main Configuration:

#Fiber laser power 1000/1500/2000 W Max/Raycus;

#Realfar laser head (cleaning width could reach 30cm)

#10 Meter flexible optical fiber

#Ultra-light weight and compact, it swings the light spot left and right, and has a safety circuit trigger protection function.

#Multi languages operation interface, touch screen control System

#One-piece design,With universal walking casters

#Wire feeding system;

#Hanli Water Chiller;

#Intelligent control system Wire feeding mechanism

#20 pieces protective lens for free.



machine in white


Control System


Cooling system-Hanli/S&A

(1) The three-layer condenser sub-technology has large cooling capacity and good heat dissipation, ensuring the equipment is durable in harsh environments.

(2) The water quality is good, the precision is high, and the laser is carefully taken care of to prolong its service life.

(3) With automatic heating and heating technology, it can reduce the waiting time for customers to turn on the laser in winter and improve production efficiency.

(4) The arc-shaped design, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the laser is improved equipment The matching grade.

(5) Energy-saving and electricity-saving, effectively reducing customers' production costs.

(6) High, medium and low matching to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Power Supply & Power Switch


Laser Head


Features of laser welding head:

@1.The internal design is smart, and the good interactive control system expands the tolerance range of the processed parts and the width of the weld seam, solves the disadvantage of small light spot, and makes the weld seam better.

@2.Lightweight, using body engineering design method, comfortable grip; easy control with one hand, @3.simple operation,Easy to use.

@4.With multiple safety alarms, the light will be automatically locked after the work piece is removed, which is highly safe.

@5.Beautiful welding seam, fast speed, no welding marks, no discoloration, no need for later polishing,Consumables few.

@6.Various angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products.

@7.technical parameter:

Interface type: QBH  Laser incident method: coaxial

Laser power:2000W  Laser wavelength range: 1080±20

Collimation focal length: 50mm  Focusing focal length: 80mm/120mm

Shielding gas: coaxial  Weight: 1.1kg  Adjustable amplitude width: 0-6mm

Processed samples


Processed samples-Cleaning


machine recommendation



SMARTECH has been a professional manufacturer of CNC lasers since 2002.

 We have seven morden production facilities with R&D and assembly workshops.

The success and strength of SMARTECH is based on the application of the latest scientific

 achievements andprofessional high-tech expertise.

Focusing on innovative product design and processes, we strive to meet all customers demands.

Our goal is to help every company improve its production efficiency through CNC laser technology!



1. What's the machine package size?
L*W*H: 1150*760*1370mm; Cross Weight:250kg

2. How to confirm the machine cleaning effect?
Please tell us your needs, we will finish the testing video for you, and we also support real-time video, You can observe the
cleaning effect of the machine more directly.

3. What are consumable parts?
Protective glass, etc, if you order, we will send it to you together with machine.

4. Which languages are supported? Is it easy to operate? Support language:Chinese French Japanese Korean Russian Spanish
CNC Control System, with clear and simple interface page Stable
Various parameters can be set by yourself

5. When I get the machine, how to operate the machine? We have machine manual, and we have professional after sale group, if you
have any questions, they can help you anytime.

6. Do the machine can be customized according to my own requirements ?
Sure, we have a strong technical team and have rich experience. Our final service goal is to let you satisfied.

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    Fengqi,Shizhong District,Jinan,China
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