Can the laser cutting machine cut the coated metal?
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Can the laser cutting machine cut the coated metal?

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Can the laser cutting machine cut the coated metal?

Many metal materials need to be specially treated to maintain their integrity. Otherwise, scratches are likely to occur in many transfer projects. For workpieces with high material requirements, such problems are very difficult. There will be many cases where the metal material has a film.

Metal coating can guarantee the occurrence of friction and damage to raw materials as little as possible during the transportation process, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. The sale of these products is very important for their own selling, scratches are not Allowed, this has higher requirements for laser cutting machine cutting metal. Can the laser cutting machine cut the metal?

In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut the laminating metal. We can then look at the operation process of cutting the laminating metal by the fiber laser cutting machine in detail. If you want to watch the video, you can contact us to request the video online.

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The laser cutting machine cuts the coated metal sheet first to cut the film. The side of the film is facing upwards, the film is cut first, and the sheet metal is cut after the film is cut. This two-pass processing can be effective. The quality of the safeguard material. The choice of laser tube needs to be selected based on the characteristics of our type and thickness.

So why don't we put the layer of the film down, so that it can avoid the damage of the work platform and the cutting at one time?

The tried-and-tested partner should come to the conclusion that after cutting the equipment, if the film is to be cut off at one time, it is easy to cause the residue to remain on the film when the laser is cut through, so that the quality of the processed product is A big influence, although there is a certain advantage in speed, but the yield is low and the product quality is poor, it is recommended to cut the film and then cut the metal sheet.

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