CNC Wood Router Bring You Idea of Interior Decoration
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CNC Wood Router Bring You Idea of Interior Decoration

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CNC Wood Router Bring You Idea of Interior Decoration

CNC routing is a construction process used for many set, stage, and event designs, and for good reason.
Computer Numerical Control (CNC)) technology means we’re able to cut, carve, and engrave practically any material into shape with extreme accuracy. The marriage of traditional 2-D routing & advanced software allows us to create highly accurate designs by programming movement through the materials.

CNC technology allows us to create cut-out latticework effects like the one above. Panels can be made to look like brick, stone, wood planks – any kind of surface you can imagine. Smartech wood cnc router helped our customer expand their business (below)

cnc router for interior decrations

The most common application of CNC routing in event and set design is in flat panels. Panels are often modular pieces which are assembled to create a backdrop, faux wall panels, partitions, or visual dividers. Sculpted or painted textures can create the effect of stone, brick walls, or almost any other hard surface.

cnc router interior decrations

CNC technology is sophisticated and versatile, and can be used to create high-impact, stunning scenery, with amazing speed and accuracy. Here are some ideas for how to use CNC technology to create stunning event scenery and staging for your next event.

interior decrations by cnc wood router

Some recommendation models for interior decrations here:

1530(5*10 feet) size cnc router

1325(4*8 feet) size cnc router

Semi atc cnc router

Full atc cnc router machine

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