Learn about Fiber Optic Marking Machines And Their Software
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Learn about Fiber Optic Marking Machines And Their Software

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     Fiber Laser Marking Machine is equipped with the latest fiber laser technology, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. It is suitable for marking a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and even ceramics, making it ideal for various industries.

With its compact design and user-friendly interface, our Fiber Laser Marking Machine is easy to operate and maintain. It comes with advanced software that allows for customization of marking options, including text, logos, and barcodes.



1. The fiber laser generator is high integrated, has superior laser beam and uniform power density. Output laser power is stable. This design highly increase the machine’s anti-reflection ability with optical isolator, be able to mark on most high reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, gold and silver without the shadow and virtual open phenomenon.

2. Adopts advanced digital high speed scanning galvanometer, quick speed without deviation, small volume, good stability, and performance reached the international advanced level.

3. Modular design, separate laser generator and lifter, more flexible, can mark on bigger area and complicated surface. Air-cooled inside, small occupation, easy to install.

4. Adopt the embedded operating system, which the performance is leading domestic peers, good touch interface and powerful control system, can meet the demand of most industry application process in market.

5. High efficiency for photoelectric conversion, simple operation, Compact in structure, support harsh working environment, no consumables.

6. this type fiber laser marking machine is portable. Power box and laser source can be separated. Easy transport and can be displayed separately according to user’s site space situation.



1.Features:Very easy to operate,comes with user manual.Machine support six languages,USA English, English,Japanese,Korean,Chinese,complex Chinese

2.Main functions of the software:

Users can design their graphics freely.

 Various types of fonts are supported. Such as SHX,JSF(Single line font defined by EzCad2), DMF(Dot Matrix), One-Dimensional/Two-Dimensional bar code etc)

Flexible variable text: changes the text real time while in laser processing. Excel data sheet is supported.

 Can through the serial port and network direct read text data

Strong node editing function make the curve modification more easier

The software can support 265 “pencils”, which used to draw graphic and can be set different processing parameters.

Common types of images are supported. (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif…)              

� Common vector images are supported. (ai, dxf, dst, plt…)

Image processing (Grayscale, White / Black Transformations)                     

 � Powerful hatching functions, such as support round hatch.

� More convenient IO operations and more easier to harmonize the auxiliary equipment.

� Supports the dynamic focus (3 axis processing system)

� An opening language supporting system makes it easy to run the software in various languages plat form.


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