Laser Marking Machine for Coconut
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Laser Marking Machine for Coconut

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1.Machine Offer

Model: Smart -F


*Model: SMART SJF-50W 200x200mm

*Fiber laser marking machine 50W

*Touching screen

*High speed Digital fast speed Galvo head ( 80m/min)

*Original Singapore imported transmissivity wavelength

*Original Raycus power,IF copy double refund

*Earain software

*Air cooling system

*Double red pointer for focusing ,not single   

*Up down table & controlling Table easy to carry  

*Tools and tool box comes with machine   .

*Double red pointer 

*Include all standard part,Can be used directly after its arrival


2.Optional parts you might be interested in

Item name


@1.Auto feeding system

Improve working efficiency(used for mass production,

such as production dates/bottle caps’ codes marking on packages etc For high efficiency demands)

@fume purifier

To keep a clean workshop environment

3.General Information

@1.There are 10W/20W/30W/50W ,Which power should I choose ? 

Common Fiber Laser Power 10W/20W/30W/50W ,The bigger power,marking efficiency would be greater.

--20W fiber laser engraver is the most pop choice. Basic 20W fiber laser can meet 90% work. 

--10W is good for shallow marking work. (Very rare customer select it now.)

--30W for some deep engraving, or match with big size F-theta lens for big size marking. 

--50W for some deep engraving or high precision thin thickness cutting work(0-0.5mm).(Most popular model selected by customers.)

The bigger power,price would be higher.                

@2.There are many sizes for the machine,which size should I choose ?

--SF110 110X110mm Small size, Deep engraving. 

--SF200 200x200mm Standard device for Smartech. 

--SF300 300x300mm For big size engraving

--Customized size,such 500*500mm/700*700mm etc   

@3.Which type laser should i choose ?

UV laser marking machine could be used for both metal and nonmetal materials.Especially used for the high precision demands works.such as masks,electronic products,glass etc

Fiber laser marking machine could be used for all metal and some of the nonmetal materials.

CO2 Laser marking machine is only used for nonmetal materials.


1)Flying Marking, also called online laser marking,Advanced digital high-speed scanning galvanometer,Embedded laser operating software system.

2)Flying Laser Marking Printing Machine 30W is laser marking printer especially matched for the automatic production line for flying printing & marking for the date codes or bar codes.

3)Compared to the traditional inkjet printer, Flying Laser marking printer has zero consumption of any materials, no need ink, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protective.

The Flying Laser Marking Printer can be equipped with different kinds of laser sources (fiber, co2, or UV) and printer system. 

4)It can be widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather industry.

5)This is the 30W fiber source flying laser marking printer, it could be used for metal and nonmetal flying marking combined with various kinds of the production line. There is another co2 laser source online laser marking printer available especially for nonmetal materials' online marking.

5.Technical Data

Laser power

 20W 30W 50W 100W optional

 Laser source


 Control board

 Earain software

 Control software

 Earain software

 Galvo head


 Laser lifespan

 100,000 hours

 Laser beam


 Optical quality


 Repeat frequency


 Marking speed


 Marking range

 110mm*110mm standard (optional)



 Repeat precision


 Power consumption



 AC220V 50Hz

 Cooling mode

 Air cooling

 Supported characters

 Any fonts downloaded on computer

 Supported format


 Supported Bar code

 CODE39, EAN, CODE128, Data Matrix, PDF417 etc..


Machine parts



Laser Source


Best in China

F-Theta lens



Scanning Head

Sino Galvo

Best in China

Control System


Touching Control

Power supply

Mean well




Best in China



Best in China

red pointer



Leakage protector


Best in China



Best in China

Electricity parts



Limit Switch






7.Software System


Software features:

  1. Support Windows2000/XP/Vista operating system.

  2. With automatic text engraving function, any installed fonts can be coded

  3. It can also mark bitmap, barcode, and curve arc (line, circle, arc).

  4. Diversified marking parameter settings.

  5. Precise deformation correction.

  6. Built-in automation support function.

  7. Can be controlled externally .

  8. Built-in four-axis motor control interface.

  9. With red light preview marking function.

Edit function:

  1. You can zoom, move, rotate, rotate, group and mirror objects.

  2. Use the alignment tool to easily place the exact position of the graphics.

  3. Various graphics can be input such as: DXF, PLT, EPS, WMF, BMP, JPG, TIF, PCX, CNC, CMP, CAL, CUR, CLP, EMF, FPX, ICO, PSD, PNG, TGA, etc.

  4. Support various barcode formats such as: Code 39, 128, 93, CodeBar, ITF, UPC, EAN, UCC, FIM, MSI code, US PostNet, etc.

  5. Can do serial number and arc text editing.


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