Features of Laser Cleaning Machine
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Features of Laser Cleaning Machine

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 6 Features of laser cleaning machine

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Compared with cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has the following characteristics:

(1) It is a dry "dry" cleaning without cleaning liquid or other chemical solutions and its cleanliness is much higher than that of chemical cleaning process; 

(2) The scope of cleaning dirt and the applicable substrate range are very wide;

(3) By adjusting and controlling the laser process parameters, the pollutants can be effectively removed without damaging the substrate surface, and the surface is rejuvenated as new;

(4) Laser cleaning can realize automatic operation conveniently; 

(5) Laser cleaning equipment can be used with low operating cost; 

(6) Laser cleaning technology is a kind of "green" cleaning technology. The waste material eliminated by laser cleaning technology is solid powder, small in volume and easy to store, which basically does not cause pollution These are the advantages of using laser cleaning machine. Compared with mechanical cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning, high frequency ultrasonic cleaning and other cleaning, laser cleaning has obvious advantages Cleaning is greatly limited under the protection constraints and the requirements of high-precision market The laser cleaning machine will gradually enter the market to replace cleaning because of its obvious application advantages in various industries. 

What are the uses of laser cleaning machine: 

1metal surface derusting .

2 surface paint removal and paint removal treatment .

3 surface oil stains and dirt cleaning.

 4. The surface coating is clear Pretreatment of sprayed surface of .

5 welding surface .

6 Removal of dust and attachments on the surface of stone statues .

7Rubber mold residue cleaning .

8 Cleaning of antiques and cultural relics.

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