Cnc Oscillating Knife Machine for Plastic Pvc
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Cnc Oscillating Knife Machine for Plastic Pvc

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1.Machine Offer

Main configuration:

SO- 1625 Oscillating knife Machine

*1600x2500 mm

*Auto feeding working table especially for soft materials such as fabric,carpet,leather etc

*LED Touching screen

*Tools include:(Swiss imported Oscillating knife+ Bevel Chamfering knife head))

*Red dot pointer

*Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver

*Vacuum suction system

*9KW Vacuum pump

*Connection:Network port/WIFI/USB

*Safety sensor for all corners

*Spare parts



01.High Speed:Only need 80 seconds to finish one set of car foot mat, only need 6 minutes to finish one set of car cushion

02.Low Cost:The digital fabric cutting machine machine can do design, cutting instead of manual design and cutting, save
labor, and material wastage cost. 

03.High efficiency:No need of any die mold, or die mold cutting machine, this digital cutting
machine can press mark, cutting and molding on soft materials such as fabric, leather, textile, carton and more, saving much labor
and cost. 

04. Wide Applications :This digital leather cutting machine can cut textile, fabric, leather, paper, carton, PU, fiber,
PVC foot mat, EVA, XPE, fiberglass, composite cladding, sponge cladding, sponge+drape+composite leather, plastic board and other
soft materials. 

05. High Performance:The flatbed digital cutter adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw or high precision rack pinion with
low noise, accurate transmission, long service life, and high precision. 

06.More Safe:The anti-collision and the built-in  auto-sensing devices ensure the security of oscillating knife

3.machine parts

Control System

CNC controller: Automatic English operation system with touch screen, easier to operate.

Transmission system

Taiwan Hiwin square rails to guarantte high speed cutting automotive interior designs.

Safety system

Infrared sensors can effectively protect the safety of the operator.Emergency stop for each corner of the machine. Assure you could stop machine immediately in case of emergency errors.
Aluminum vacuum table with high density felt covered. The felt Imported from Japan, 4mm thickness, more stronger;

Driving system

Japan Yaskawa servo motor for all axis

Machine standard parts

Japan omron limit switch for each axis
Red dot to confirm cutting points more easily.


Perfect lubrication system to extend the service life of the machine.9KW Vacuum adsorption table, high-power vacuum pump, air volume up to 300m³/hour.


Easy operation projector
Round knife+round punch+ccd+pen

Our CNC Oscillating Knife Machine is equipped with advanced oscillating knife technology that ensures clean and accurate cuts every time. The machine is able to handle a wide range of PVC thicknesses and is suitable for a variety of applications such as signage, packaging, and textile industry.

In addition, our machine is user-friendly and easy to operate. The CNC software allows for easy programming and automatic cutting, which increases productivity and reduces waste.

As a trusted provider of CNC machines, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Our team of experts is always available to provide technical support and assistance.

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