CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric Felt Succulent
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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric Felt Succulent

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Felt laser cutting and laser engraving is completely contactless and thus extremely gentle on the material. This means that the textile does not warp and can be processed in all directions regardless of its fabric structure. Attention: When processing wool felt, charred cutting edges and strong smoke as well as odor development may occur!

The laser machines from smartech cnc laser cut felt particularly efficiently and quickly. At the cutting point, the laser heats the material to such an extent that the heat is dissipated as smoke and thus no damage is caused to the textile. The result: a perfect cut edge. Depending on which fibers were used to make the felt, the cutting result will be slightly different. With synthetic felt, you get a clean, sealed cut edge (cut & seal) that prevents the material from fraying. With natural fibers, you get a brownish discolored cut edge.

Here is one video shows you how a laser cutting machine could cut out a felt fabric succulent ?

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Laser marking of felt produces a contrasting, slightly brownish mark with low impact, while laser engraving produces additional depth. Again, the laser process automatically seals the material. Enhance the surface of felt both visually and haptically using laser engraving and give the material unmistakable recognition value thanks to individual logos, personalizations or patterns.

Felt is a particularly versatile, inexpensive and durable material that can be processed quickly, easily and precisely with smartech cnc laser's laser machines. Felt is not a woven textile, but rather a flat textile structure consisting of a disordered fiber material. Felt can be made of sheep's wool as well as chemical or plant fibers. With our smartech cnc laser laser engraver, you can laser cut and laser engrave felt, resulting in a special variety of different design options:

· Garments

· coasters

· Keychains

· Bags

· Patches

· Engraving of patterns, logos, personalizations, brandings

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