CNC Machine for Woodworking Doors Keyhole Hinge Machine
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CNC Machine for Woodworking Doors Keyhole Hinge Machine

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1.Machine Model

2023 New design smart automatic drilling machine

#Machine model:Smart-3000-T

#Working size: 4000mm×3200mm×2400mm

#Max Processing size:1100mm×2600mm

#Minimum Processing size: 500mm×1800mm

#Key Hole spindle power:6KW*2

#Key Slot spindle power:6KW*2

#Paint hole and door closer spindle power:6KW*2

#Hinge spinlde Power:2.2kw×2

#Hinge spinlde Power:2.2kw×2

#Trio PLC From U.K

#AC Servo Motor Drivers




3. Advantages

01.One machine with multiple functions

     Lock slot lock steps, lock holes, latch

     slots,Paint holes, door closers, and hinges

     can all be processed quickly

02.Save time, effort and process

    7 motion axes, automatic adjustment

    of door width,precise fit of lock groove

    & lock body.Hinge and keyhole can be

    processed at the same time


     Automatic width measurement, automatic thickness measurement.

     Intelligent, do not pick people, intelligent and precise

04.Through keyhole hinge

     Through-type, transmission roller transmission Processed door panels can be intelligently connected to the operation


4.lock hole lock slot lock step

Keyhole machine is a very important equipment in woodworking machinery.

Flexible customized connection can be carried out according to the actual processing mode of the factory

Wire. The keyhole machine is mainly used for processing wooden doors, door frames, window frames,

Sash slots, door locks, door lock steps, door lock hinges in one go

into; quickly improve production efficiency and effectively reduce labor costs.

For wooden door flats, milled and drilled slots in the shape of side keyholes

It can also be used for slotting and drilling of wooden furniture; convenient and precise

Accurately control the processing and production requirements of door lock slots and hinges.


5.Portable console Convenient and concise

PLC programmable control system controls the operation of each electrical device,

Computer touch screen panel operation, USB interface, machine motor

And the platform is driven by servo motor and stepper motor, easy to operate

System, accurate action, intelligent processing, making operation more convenient

More humane, greatly reducing the cost of employment for enterprises.


6.Infrared sensor

Smart and precise

With extremely high sensitivity, it detects that the door panel is in place, and then controls the operation of the drive system.


Our machine has been designed with precision and efficiency in mind. By utilizing CNC technology, we have created a machine that can produce keyhole hinges with accuracy and speed. The CNC Machine Through keyhole hinge machine is perfect for manufacturers who require high volume production of keyhole hinges.
Our machine uses advanced software to calculate the correct dimensions for the hinge and can produce them quickly and reliably. With its automated processes, the CNC Machine Through keyhole hinge machine greatly reduces production time and costs.
We believe that our machine will be a valuable addition to your manufacturing process. We are confident that it will deliver on quality and productivity expectations.

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