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*Power supply: 380V/50Hz

*Spindle power: 4.5Kw

* Spindle speed: 24000rpm

*Working pressure: 0.5-0.6MPa

*X-axis travel; 550MM

*Y-axis travel: 400mm

*Z-axis travel: 300mm

*Motor: Leadshine Stepper


*Control System: Red sea

*Power Supply: Meanwell from Taiwan

*Inverter: Best

*Electricity brand: Delix

*Package: Plywood carton *Warranty: 3 years



1. Main performance characteristics:

*Suitable for drilling, milling, round holes, special-shaped holes, plane engraving and other processing of aluminum alloy profiles

*The system adopts Red Sea CNC System

*Using electric spindle, high precision, good safety and high reliability

*X-axis adopts high-precision helical gear and helical rack, Y-axis and Z-axis adopt high-precision ball screw transmission, stable transmission and high precision

*Automatic conversion of processing codes through programming software, simple operation, high efficiency and low labor intensity

*The table is flipped 180°. -90~0°~+90°, the profile can be processed on three sides by one clamping. When processing deep through holes (special-shaped holes), deep hole processing can be realized by turning the table over, with high efficiency and high precision


Machine Structure


Control System-Multilingual



Cutting Head-high speed air cooling spindle



180 rotate  Cylinder clamping aluminum table


Worktable can be rotated to 180°

(-90° -0°- +90°),

Clamping profile one time,

three sides processing.

it can process deep

and special-shaped holes

through workbench;

high efficiency and precision.



Taiwan HIWIN Rails Rack pinion


Imported Taiwan TBI guide rail,

sliding block, X axis adopt high precision oblique

gear and rack driving. Y and Z axis adopts high p



Electricity system


The main electrical parts: circuit breakers,

AC contactor are all

SCHNEIDER or Delix famous brands.



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