Application of Three-in-one Laser Cutting/welding/cleaning Machine
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Application of Three-in-one Laser Cutting/welding/cleaning Machine

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Machine Offer
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2023 New Desing Model: Smart -P3000W
Main Configuration: #Fiber laser power 3000W Max/Raycus; #Double swing laser head #Schneider parts for electricity #Length of welding torch 10 meters; #Ultra-light weight and compact, it swings the light spot left and right, and has a safety circuit trigger protection function. #Multi-language operation interface, touch screen control System #One-piece design,With universal walking casters #Wire feeding system; #Hanli/S&A Water Chiller; #Intelligent control system Wire feeding mechanism
Power selection Tips: (according to your maximum processing thickness) 1000W:0.6-2mm(welding thickness) 1500W:3-4mm(welding thickness) 2000W:5-6mm(welding thickness)

General Information


●3 in 1 multifunctional which is more cost effective,your best choice ! 

●The internal design is smart, and the good interactive control system expands the tolerance range of the processed parts and the width of the weld seam(range 0-6mm), solves the disadvantage of small light spot, and makes the weld seam better. 

●Lightweight, using body engineering design method, comfortable grip; easy control with one hand 

●simple operation,Easy to use,no have to be experienced workers,fresh workers are fine. 

●With multiple safety alarms, the light will be automatically locked after the work piece is removed, which is highly safe. 

●Beautiful welding seam, fast speed, no welding marks,not deformation, not blackening, strong welding, no grinding required no need for later polishing,Consumables few. 

●Various angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products. 

●Swing welding head can be used for welding at any angle or shape.Performance characteristics 

●Adapt for various metal materials, Carbon steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminum, copper and alloy materials; 

●The light can be emitted continuously or pulsed, not only for thermal conductivity, but also for continuous deep penetration. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, seam welding, cleaning,cutting. 

●Adopt continuous Fiber laser, excellent beam quality, maintenance-free, photoelectric conversion efficiency is greater than 25%, and the service life of the pump source is greater than 100,000 hours; 

●Fast processing speed; 

●Small thermal deformation and heat affected zone (suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, special materials); 

●It can process parts with complex shapes and small parts, and can also be processed in vacuum; 

●and Robotic arm and other automated institutions Combined, the processing can be automated; 

●Can realize filler wire welding,Due to advanced processimethods, existproduct structures and materials can be improved.

Machine Details
20 Meters wire instead of 10 meters                            3000W Original Raycus laser source

13 L powerful individual chiller                                                 Wire Feeder

Laser Head

(1) The three-layer condenser sub-technology has large cooling capacity and good heat dissipation, ensuring the equipment is durable in harsh environments. (2) The water quality is good, the precision is high, and the laser is carefully taken care of to prolong its service life. (3) With automatic heating and heating technology, it can reduce the waiting time for customers to turn on the laser in winter and improve production efficiency. (4) The arc-shaped design, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the laser is improved equipment The matching grade. (5) Energy-saving and electricity-saving, effectively reducing customers' production costs. (6) High, medium and low matching to meet the diversified needs of customers.
Wire feeding system

Features of laser head:

@1.Easy installation, long life, low noise, low energy consumption;

@2.Small size, small weight, large torque, can be used with long-distance hand-held welding wire feeding; @3.Wire feeding and welding control are synchronized, the wire feeding is stable and adjustable, suitable for use in different scenarios, and it is easy for the operator to master and quickly get started and skillfully operate.

@4.Software control, design wire feeding speed parameters through the control screen, can save multiple sets of data, and call it arbitrarily.

@5.Visable control screen,more easy to set

Flexible optical fiber and full set cutting nozzles

Optional protective glasses

Processed samples

welding                                             Cleaning                                                    Cutting

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