Application of Metal Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry
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Application of Metal Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

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Fiber laser cutting machine application is very widely around our life.but we normally not know what they are made of.Most of the stuff in kitchen is made by fiber laser cutting machine. today we will show you the applications of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry.

Consumer demand is an important indicator for the reform and progress of the industry. Nowadays, our kitchen utensils are getting older and more, and more and more types, ranging from cabinets, range hoods, to pots and pans. What we need every day. So, how is the kitchen utensil made? Metal laser cutting machine kitchen utensil processing is a very important kitchen utensil processing tool, which not only reduces the processing time of the kitchen utensils, but also makes a very great progress in quality.

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Traditional kitchen processing equipment uses a CNC punch press, combined with polishing, shearing, bending and other processes to form the final shape. This processing efficiency is relatively low, and it takes a long time to make molds and high costs. The metal laser cutting machine is produced under the premise of such urgent needs of manufacturers. The development of laser in my country is not long, but with foreign technology as the basis, our development is very rapid. The metal laser cutting machine can directly make all kinds of kitchen utensils without molds, which has long-term significance for the kitchen utensils processing industry.


The metal laser cutting process appears as an alternative process of "shear-punching", which has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. It is especially popular for the processing of special-shaped parts. You only need to make the cutting graphics and import them into the control system to set the size for cutting. The cutting time is fast and the quality is also good.
The choice of metal laser cutting machine manufacturers is a very important part. Only good equipment can make us get better products. The processing technology of the metal laser cutting machine is precise, the equipment is of good grinding quality, the equipment is stable during work, and the noise is low. The accessories used are all brands that have been tested by the market for many years, and the cost-effective configuration selected for the customer.

Fruits tray made by fiber laser cutting machine:



If you are also in the kitchware or kitchen utensils industry, you could invest one fiber laser cutting machine with your business now .

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