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About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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一、Machine Offer

Model: Smart-F1390


# Working area: 1300x900mm

# Power Source: 1000 W - Maxphotonics

# Reducer: Alpha - Taiwan

# Rack: YYC - Taiwan

# Head: Raytools BM109

# Transmission: THK From Japan, Ball screw

# Software: Cypcut

# Support: DXF, DXP, NC, G, etc.

# Servo: Yasakawa, Japan

# Controller: FSCUT

# Water chiller: S&A

# Annealing, anti vibration heavy bed

# Enclosed Safety Cover

# CE Certificate



Model: Smart-F1390


1.Stability and reliability of light path and control system.

2.Laser consumption 0.5-1.5 kW/h.

3.Service life - more than 100 thousand hours.

4.Low operating cost  with high and stable performance.

5.High cutting efficiency - quiet, fast and efficient cutting - up to dozens of meters per minute (sheet cutting)

6.Low deformation, smooth appearance and precise cutting edge.


Our customers come from steel and metal working, machine tool and agricultural machine production, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries to the manufacture of automobiles, ships, railways and electronic products, right up to medicine, research and environmental technology, SMARTECH can fit your needs.

Application Materials:

Fiber laser cutting equipment is suitable for metal cutting like stainless steel sheet, mild steel plate, carbon steel sheet, alloy steel plate, spring steel sheet, iron plate, galvanized iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, copper sheet, brass sheet, bronze plate, gold plate, silver plate, titanium plate, tubes etc.

三、Body System

The Segmented steel sheet Bed & Integrated Gantry

High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensuring 20 years of use without distortion;


四、Control System



1). 3 axis high speed pulse output, maximum frequency: 3MHz.

2). 3 axis encoder feedback channel, 4 times maximum frequency: 8MHz.

3). Control precision: 0.03mm; actual path precision: 0.05mm.

4). Location precision: 0.001mm; repeated positioning precision: 0.003mm.

5). Control period: 1ms.


五、Software System

Cypcut operating system

advanced technology, suitable for all kinds of material cutting, remote control option


六、Driving System


七、Cooling system

S&A Water Chiller

Schneider Electric components

SMC Electrical proportional valve


八、Laser Head


1.Highly dustproof

The dustproof grade is IP65, and the light path is completely enclosed, so the possibility of lens contamination is almost zero.

2.Motion picture zero focus

The scale can be adjusted flexibly to unify the zero focus position and no longer worry about adjusting the process parameters.

3.Efficient water cooling

The focusing lens, collimating lens and nozzle have built-in cooling function, which can solve the problem of cutting heating.

4.Optimized structural design

Integrated body design, improved QBH optical fiber interface no longer stuck due to water leakage, rust and other reasons.


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