Laser Cutting System User Manual
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Laser Cutting System User Manual

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1 Brief introduction 

FSCUT3000S is an open loop laser cutting control system of high  performance developed by Shanghai Friendess Company. It is widely used in the  field of metal and non-metal laser cutting area and gained popularity among the  customers at home and abroad for its outstanding performance in medium power laser  cutting application. 

Please read through this manual carefully before operation. 

FSCUT3000S Laser Cutting System contains the following accessories:


2 System Connection Diagram

BMC1805 card adopts PCI interface. Dimension:213mm*112mm.There are 2  sockets on control card, JP1 is type DB62M socket connected by C62-2 cable to  BCL3766 IO terminal board ; JP2 is extension socket connected with flat cable to the  back of the computer case first then connected to BCL3766 IO terminal board by  C37-2 cable.

Wiring diagram shown below:


3 Technical Reference

Motion  Control:

01.Motor  Control  Signal:

      4 servo axes ports with high speed pulse output of  3MHz

      3 servo axes ports with encoder feedback channel,  quadruple frequency can reach to 8MHz. 

      Positive, negative limit and servo alarm signal input for  each axis. 

      Servo enable and alarm reset output for each axis port

02.Motion  Control  Performance:

     Control cycle 1ms. 

      S type acceleration and deceleration with filter function 

      Velocity look-ahead strategy, intelligent speed control at  turning point. 

      Trajectory accuracy 0.02 mm, positioning accuracy  0.001 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy 0.003 mm. 

      Local curvature analysis and speed limitation at small  curves. 

      Tube corner technique

Laser Control Signal :

     1 PWM output: 5V/24V for optional, 5khz accuracy.

     2 analog signal outputs of 0~10V.

I/O  function:

01.General  Input 15 inputs: 12 low level active inputs, among which 3  inputs can jump setting the active level.

02.General  Output 8 relay outputs: Load capacity AC 250V/5ADC 30V/5A  12 thyristor emitter outputs: Load capacity DC  24V/500mA.

Work Environment :

Temperature: 0-55 degrees Celsius. 

Humidity: 5%~90% without condensation.

Power Supply  Requirements :

DC 24V/2A.

4 Control Card Installation

Install steps:

微信截图_20230621164429Please wear anti-static gloves to prevent possible electrostatic  damage to the motion control card. 

1) Turn off computer, insert the control card into PCI slot, and fix the control  with screw; 

2) After start up computer, "Find New Hardware Wizard" pops out and click  "Cancel" button, as shown below. If this dialog box does not appear, indicating that the  card is not inserted properly, please repeat the first step.

3) Install TubePro software, meantime the driver of BMC1805 card and  softdog will be installed automatically.

4) Close the anti-virus software during installation in case it's misdiagnosed  as virus and fail the installation process. Pass all the message box during the  installation

5)Open device manager to confirm installation is succeed.Ifthe following  image appears:

微信截图_20230621164815It indicates that installation succeed.


1If "Find New Hardware" dialog box does not pop out after start up computer or control card does not shown in device manager, indicating that the control card  is not inserted properly. Please replace the PCI socket or computer, insert the  control card and reinstall software.

2If the device has a yellow exclamation mark, double-click to open its attributes  page, and select "Detail Information" as shown  below:

5.BCL3766 Connection

BCL3766 Connection Instructions


BCL3766 can be mounted by guide rail or fixed form, dimension 315mm*120mm.  The DB62M socket and DB37 socket at both ends on the IO board are connected to JP1  and IP2 plugs of BMC1805 card. Connect DB62 socket with JP1 plug by C62-2 cable.  Lead JP2 socket by C37-40 flat cable from back of the computer case, then connect to  DB37 socket on BCL3766 board by C37-2 cable. 

Four DB15M sockets at the top corner from left to right is for X axis, B1 axis, B2  axis and Y axis.B1 and B2 are rotate axes. 

At the left bottom are signal terminals of limit switch and origin switch for X, Y  and W axes. 

At the top right are terminals of input signal, all lower terminals are COM  earth end, 0V. 

At the bottom right are 16 general outputs, of which 8 are relay outputs and 8 are  thyristor outputs. The first 4 relay outputs are only with normally-open contact, the  last 4 relay outputs has both normally-open and normally-closed contacts.8 thyristor  outputs are 24V common cathode output. At center top are 1 PWM and 2 DA analog outputs. 

DIP switch: 

Below the PWM there are one DIP switch. 

Switch P1 and P2 to set PWM voltage

P1            P2            Description 

On              Off              PWM voltage is 24V 

Off              On             PWM voltage is 5V

6.No laser emission

1. Check the laser configuration 

Check the laser configuration in config tool (IPG YLS series contain American  version and Germany version). 

If using serial communication or network communication check if  communication port set correctly. 

Check if using DA control laser peak power and if select correct DA port in  config tool. 

Check if PWM and laser enable port are set correctly. 

2. Check PWM and DA output  

In TubePro-Tool-Card monitor set DA and PWM output value. Measure the  voltage value on DA and PWM port on BCL3766 board by multimeter. 

If PWM or DA port output voltage too low or even no output, change to the  other PWM and DA port. 

You can contact our technicians for hardware malfunctions. 

3. Check the wiring 

Check the wiring of PWM, DA, serial cable and laser control cables. 

Serial port cable must have shielded layer.Pin2 and pin3 must be crossed. 

4. Check laser unit 

Examine the laser emitting by laser software check if laser works properly. 

When use serial communication, not allowed to open more than one laser  software to communicate with laser unit. 

If serial communication failed, enable debug mode in config tool check the  command and feedback message from laser in log window of TubePro main  program.

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