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  • how to select a laser cleaning Machine ?

    Continuous laser VS pulsed laser, how to choose laser cleaning Machine ?For emerging laser cleaning applications, there are different voices about whether to use continuous laser or pulsed laser. There are also two types of laser cleaning equipment using pulsed and continuous lasers in the market. M Read More

  • What can a fiber laser cutting machine do?

    What Materials Can A Fiber Laser Cut? A fiber laser cutting machine is extremely useful in cutting sheet metal including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and titanium. Fiber lasers excel in cutting reflective materials which CO2 lasers struggle with. Read More

  • 3 Differences Between Glass Tubes & RF Metal Tubes For Laser Marking Machine

    3 Differences Between Glass Tubes & RF Metal Tubes For Laser Marking Machine Service life1. The lifespan of the CO2 RF tube laser marking machine can reach more than 60,000 hours, and it can generally be used for 7 years.2. The glass tube laser marking machine can only work for about 2500 hours. Gen Read More

  • How To Find A Faster Laser Marking Machine

    Everyone wants a faster laser marking efficiency with the lowest cost.How to find one fastest laser marking machine ?The very important factor for a laser marking machine speed is its Galvo scanning lens. What are the options for Galvo scanning lens?F-Theta lenses enable ultra-accurate processing of Read More

  • Laser Marking Machine For Stainlss Steel Black Color Marking

    Stainless Steel. Laser marking is most often used to mark stainless steel grades 304 and 316, but it can be used to mark any grade.Some laser marking machine could only mark grey or white color but for the stainless steel materials could also be colorful marking or black color marking !Fiber laser m Read More

  • 3 Tips On Selecting a Industrial CO2 Laser Marking Machine Or Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

    If you’re looking to mark metal, what you need to buy is a fiber laser. If you’re looking to mark organic materials like textiles, wood, or cardboard, a CO2 laser is the best choice.If your application is laser cutting of metals, you’ll most likely need a high-power CW (continuous wave) fiber laser. Read More