Pneumatic Cnc Router for Wood Furnitures Making Machine
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Pneumatic Cnc Router for Wood Furnitures Making Machine

There are many options for woodworking cabinets making cnc router machine,such as atc cnc router ,single head cnc router, 4 heads cnc router,pneumatic cnc router. best option is atc cnc router, but if your budge is lower, pneumatic cnc router is the best choice.
  • SWP1325-4
  • 1300*2500MM/1500*3000mm
















SM1325-4 3 Axis CNC Router

#CE standard

#Working area:1300*2500*250mm

#Strong Seamless Steel frame(better than welded types,Heavy duty,strong enough)

#Gear-wheel transmission imported for X,Y axis (Assure the high speed)

#Ball screw transmission imported from Germany For Z axis.(Assure the high precision)

#servo motor and driver

#3.5KW,3.5KW,6 KW & 6 KW Air cooling spindle by pneumatic up and down

#Delta Inverter

#Taiwan Baoyuan MW2200

#Computer one set

#Schneider electronic parts for the whole machine

#Dust collector(double bags with dust hood)

#Lubricating system

#French schneider contactor 

#Tools and tool box one set

#Router bit one whole box

#Japan Omron limit switch

#Tool Sensor(Helpful for positioning)

#Pop-pin on table

#Including Artcam software

#Combination of T-Slot and Vacuum table

#Grey air vacuum pump 5.5KW

#3 Years warranty,Lifetime after sale service













1 Set













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You could use machine directly after received machine,no need extra cost.

                                     Packing list:


















1 set


Machine Body: Steel Structure.Thickening of lathe bed,With high temperature heat treatment, high precision, long service life

Working area:1300*2500*250mm

Package size:3150*2250*2300 mm


TAIWAN TRV Rail for 3 axis   Helical tooth rack

Original TBI Ball screw

Speed:Idling 60-80m/min  Working speed:20m/min

Working precision:0.05mm


screw rack






Main parts

servo 750W,Z axis motor with brake

4 sets

Delta inverter

1 set

Taiwan Baoyuan MW2200

1 set

Standard huge computer control box

1 set

 Spindle power 2*3.5KW/380V,2*6 KW/380VCould be customized according to your request.

3 sets

Spindle:air cooling (easier operation,especially for woodworking)


Electricity parts: Original Schneider


Vacuum pump ---Ball valves control


Pop-pin on table for positioning






Ancillary attachment


Standard tool sensor,Manual lubricating system

1 set

Dust collector double bags(With Dust collection pipeline switch)

1 set

Free-oil pump 7.5KW/380V

1 set

Standard woodworking tools and tool box

1 set

level adjustment tools

6 sets

Software:Artcam or Artcut or type3 for option

1 set

Electricity parts: Original Schneider


Collet 6 2 pieces;Collet 4 2 pieces;Spanners 2 sets

6 sets


380V/220V 1 phase/3 phase



1.Fixed film--->2.Thick protective film--->3.Standard Plywood Carton


Performance characteristics:

1. It adopts T-shaped integrated structure of heavy-duty square tube.

2. After tempering treatment, the bed is overweight and stable, durable and never deformed.

3.HQD high-speed spindle, high power, low noise, low failure rate, and durable.

4.It adopts side-mounted, single-sided flanged slider design structure, special TRV linear guide rail,

 stable operation,full dust proof design structure of rack guide rail, guide rail adopts segmented structure,

 easy to replace,no need for professionals.

5. Japan SHIMPO reducer (planetary reducer),Delta 750W high-power servo motor,high precision,light sound,longer life.

6.Famous electricity parts.such as: Chint and France Schneider electrical components, Japan Omron limit switch

7. Taiwan Baoyuan/Syntec CNC system,compatible with most cabinet design and typesetting software,stable performance,very easy to operate.

8.The original force industrial control computer, high precision, good stability, with memory, power-off continuous carving function, no need to re-position.

9.The equipment is equipped with a tool setting instrument. The system has an error correction function, which

completely solves the error caused by the irregularity of the sides of the plate when the vertical holes are

punched on the front and back sides.

10.strong 6-zone vacuum adsorption table, 128 adsorption holes, can absorb different sizes of plates,the minimum

 opening plate can reach 25mm, 7.5KW water circulation vacuum pump

11.Fully automatic intelligent dust removal system with secondary dust removal function,which can ensure

 the effective cleaning and collection of particle waste in all links and parts,which can effectively ensure the

 continuity of the cutting work.

12. Automatic lubrication system, set automatic oil filling at intervals to ensure efficient operation of the machine

Machine working samples by our customers:




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