New Product 3d Generation Face Mask Making Machine (N95)
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New Product 3d Generation Face Mask Making Machine (N95)

Technical Parameters of Automatic Protective mask machine
A,Machine Introduction (KN95 )
Modular manufacturing of the machine is divided into five functional parts:
1. Unrolled feeding frame for non-woven fabrics;
2. Welding section of mask sheet;
3. Joint welding section;
4. Cut sections of the mask;
5. Finished product collection section.
Mask sheet production equipment, according to our matching ultrasonic power, production speed of 30-40 masks per minute.
Schematic diagram of protective cover (there is no outer sheet metal and transparent protective plate when delivered, it can be installed later, involving technical secrets, internal structure is not expressed)
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Product Description


Brief introduction:

For this 1-to-1 automatic flat-type face mask machine (external ear band), It is composed of the face mask sheets machine and the ear-band welding machine, and they are connected by a conveyor. With the ultrasonic technology, 3 ~ 5 layers non-woven fabrics are pasted, the nose-bridge-bar is inserted, the face mask sheets are cut, and ear bands are welded. The working efficiency is high.

The face mask sheets are composed of the fabrics feeding unit, the folding unit, the nose-bridge-bar feeding unit and the ultrasonic welding & cutting unit, and processes of the nose-bridge-bar inserting and the face-mask-sheet forming are completed automatically.

The machine is easy to operate, and it is stable and reliable. 



Non-woven fabrics feeding → Wrinkling & forming → Folding & forming → Nose-bridge-bar feeding & cutting → Welding & edging → Welding & forming → Face-mask sheets cutting → Face-mask sheets feeding → Ear-band pulling → Ear-band cutting & welding → Face masks collecting → Final products.


a.     There is the mechanical brake for the raw material, it is stable, and the error rate is low.

b.     There is the automatic counting function for the output.

c.     The machine can be used to produce 2 ~ 5 layers face masks, and ear bands are welded automatically.

d.     With the computer program controlling, the operation is reliable, the capacity is high, and the products quality gets to or exceeds the standard



face mask sheets machine

external ear bands machine


Aluminum profile

Layers of the mask

3 ~ 5

Design speed


Production speed





Machine dimension

2980×840×1985 mm

720×960×1650 mm

Machine weight




220/ 380V


Working efficiency


Compressed air consumption


0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

Schematic diagram of the face mask sheets machine图片1

1.Mechanical feeding shaft2.Mechanical feeding shaft3.Fabrics' passing through stick

4.Mechanical feeding shaft5.Cabinet6.Automatic nose-bridge-bar feeding shaft

7.3-folding & forming 8.3-folding & forming    9.Feeding 10.Rack11.Nose-bridge-bar feeder

12.Ultrasonic wedding & cutting   13.Cabinet



① Air switch: Control the power of the whole cabinet. When there is short circuit, over load or lack of voltage for the circuit or electric appliances, there will be protection.

② Fuse: When there is short circuit or over load, there will be protection for the machine.

③ Contactor: It is used to control the frequent circuit connecting or disconnecting.

④ PLC: Be responsible for the automation control and automatic processes control.

⑤ Relay: It is used to control the circuit.

⑥ Servo driver: It is used to control the motor, including the start, the stop and the rotary speed, and when there is overload, short circuit or lack of voltage, there will be protection.

⑦ 24VDC power supply: The power distributing.


Operation panel:

Face mask sheets machine:


a.     Power switch: When it is rotated rightward, the machine will be powered on. If be rotated leftward, the machine will be powered off.

b.     Emergency stop: When there is an emergency, it can be pressed.

c.     Inching: When it is in manual mode, if this button is pressed, the machine is started, and when it is released, the machine will be stopped.


Ear-band welding machine:


a.Power switch: When it is rotated rightward, the machine will be powered on. If be rotated leftward, the machine will be powered off.

b.Power indicator: When the machine is powered on, the indicator is lighted on. 

c.Stop: If any emergency happens, the machine needs to be stopped, it can be pressed. 

d.Start: When it is automatic mode, if it is pressed, the feeding, the line pulling and the welding will be completed automatically. When it is pressed again, the machine will be stopped. 

e.Touch screen: It is the control center. In the touch screen, parameters can be set, and working state can be optimized.

The line pressing button: It is used to control the line pressing cylinder (Newly added).


Touch screen:

Face mask sheets machine:


a.Homepage: When it is clicked, return the home page. 

b.Manual mode: The manual/ auto modes can be switched by this key. 

c.Current output: The monitoring for the current output, and cannot be set. 

d.Clear: Prior data can be cleared, and be counted again. 

e.Current speed: It is used to monitor the production speed per minute, and can be set. 

f.Speed +/ -: Set the production speed. By changing the speed, the current output can be changed. 

Ear-band welding machine:


a.Main: When it is clicked, return to the home page. 

b.Servo control: When it is clicked, enter the servo control interface, and the control positions & parameters of all servo motors can be viewed or changed. 

c.Manual debugging: In the manual mode, the machine can be controlled by manual.

d.Production parameters: When it is clicked, the action time of each step can be set, so the working efficiency can be optimized. 

e.IO monitoring: When it is clicked, all inputs/ outputs can be monitored, and can be used as auxiliary tools for the debugging. 

f.Alarm records: When there is any servo alarm or emergency stop, there will be alarm automatically. When the machine is started again, the error needs to be cleared, and the machine cannot be started until the problems are solved. 

g.Boot screen: Click it, and return the startup picture, and the language can be selected. 


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