Laser printing marking machine for BOPP, PET transparent FILM
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Laser printing marking machine for BOPP, PET transparent FILM

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There are two types machine could meet this demands very well.

1. UV laser marking machine. Advantage is fast speed + no pollution. Especially for the darker materials.



(1)Adopting doubling technique of intravenous frequency has greatly improved the stability of laser.Design on laser cavity adopts a series of optimization method, to ensure the beam quality as the fundamental mode. 

(2) The machine takes 355nm pumped purple light laser device as the light source. Narrower pulse width and smaller heat affection contribute to generate peak power. The higher the peak power is, the wider the adapting range of materials is. This implement perfect printing in some relatively hard material. 

(3) Higher pulse stability, namely better pulse consistency of laser produces the same carving effect,very suitable for precision marking. Higher pulse repetition frequency meets the need of quick marking efficiency. 

(4) High efficiency of the photoelectric conversion and long service life. 

(5) Automatic in a rotary table (optional item), convenient feeding, fast speed, high efficiency. 

(6) The mark is of environmental protection, comply with RoHS standard. 

(7) It can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from Auto-CAD, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG, etc. 

(8) It can mark date, bar code and two-dimension code automatically. 

(9) Superior performance, good stability, high conversion rate and low energy consumption. (10)Faster and more efficient marking efficiency.

       Due to the extremely small focusing spot and the small processing heat-affected zone, the ultraviolet laser can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects. In addition to copper materials, ultraviolet lasers are suitable for processing a wider range of materials. Not only the beam quality is good, the focused spot is smaller, and ultra-fine marking can be realized; the scope of application is wider; the heat-affected area is extremely small, there will be no thermal effect, and there will be no problem of material burning; the marking speed is fast and the efficiency is high; the performance of the whole machine Stable, small size, low power consumption and other advantages.

2.Ink jet printer. Especially used for the dark color printing demands. 


When an inkjet printer prints an image, it needs to carry out a series of complicated procedures. When the nozzle of the printer quickly sweeps across the printing paper, the numerous nozzles on it will eject countless small ink droplets to form the pixels in the image. On the printer head, there are generally 48 or more independent nozzles to eject various inks of different colors. For example, the 48 nozzles of Epson Stylus photo 1270 can eject 5 different colors: blue-green, magenta, yellow, light blue-green and light red-purple, and there are 48 nozzles ejecting black ink. Generally speaking, the more nozzles, the faster the printing speed. Ink drops of different colors fall on the same point to form different complex colors. With a microscope, it can be observed that the place where the yellow and blue-violet inks are sprayed at the same time is green, so we can think that the basic color printed is formed in the inkjet cover layer. By observing the working method of a simple four-color inkjet , we can easily understand the working principle of the printer: there are 0 to 4 ink droplets covering each pixel. Different combinations can produce more than 10 different colors. Some printers can also produce 16 different colors by combining colors, such as "cyan and black" or "magenta, yellow and black".

 But  needs consumption cartridges.




1, 25 languages

2, no encrypted means you could buy ink locally or buy from us. 

3, support print anything especially support variable data function, TXT format variable data. printer Package details

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