Introduction of laser marking machine
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Introduction of laser marking machine

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1.Machine Offer

Model: Smart CO2-Pro

Top Configurations:

#New design with Full safety cover 

#Working size 800x800mm set

#3D dynamic focusing scanning head set

#PC computer set 

#Ameria COHERENT Laser source 55W set

#Digital Sino Galvo scanning set

#Power supply Taiwan mean set

#Lenmark software support win7/8/10 set

#user manual and Too accessories ……… set

#Metal switches instead of plastic set

#Comes with Lenovo Keyboard and mouse................................ .one set  

#Up down table & controlling Table easy to carry  ..................... one set

#Tools and tool box comes with machine   ................................. one set

#Include all necessary part,you could use directly after its arrival.

#Rotary for timber for 


2.Optional parts For free

Item name


@1.sliding X,Y moving 

Especially For Pens marking-Disc type rotating plate

@2.Rotary device 

Used For round materials’ processing.such as:glasses,bottles,rings etc

@3.3D function

Deep engraving,Curve marking,3D efficiency

@4.Smoke purifier

There would be much smoke produced during marking,smoke purifier could help purify air environment


3.General Information

@1.What is the application area of CO2 laser marking machine ?

It with the co2 laser, which is a general-purpose model, small size and high degree of integration.

The main processing object is non-metal, widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, architectural ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, fabric cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, electronic components packaging, shell nameplate and so on. Suitable for paper, wood, glass, leather,glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo products, PCB boards, etc

@2.There are many sizes for the machine,which size should I choose ?

--SF110 110X110mm Small size, Deep engraving. 

--SF200 200x200mm Standard device for Smartech. 

--SF300 300x300mm For big size engraving

--Customized size,such 500*500mm/700*700mm etc         

@3.There are table type and portable type machine,which type should I choose ?

--First Difference between table type and portable type is the size.If your workshop is big enough,you could select the table type.but if you wanna an air shipping for international express shipping way, it is better to select the portable type to help save some shipping cost.

--Secondly,the table type comes with computer,while the portable type comes with laptop.But configuration is the same 4GB Installed memory(RAM) 

--Thirdly,outward appearance.Internal configurations are all the same except for the outward appearance difference.



1. High precision and speed. Marking depth can be controlled easily. Continue working no need maintenance.

2. Imported power source with high speed galvanometer& path expander fans system.stable path fast marking

3. With good quality F theta lens & galvonometer lens assured a high speed and high precision marking efficiency.

4. Industry computer, strong anti-interference and adaptation stable working position for 24 working.

5. Red position system avoids material waste.

6. Multi-function software with friendly interface support win7/xp/2000/win7/8/10 together with many languages version. Supporting True Type font and single line font JSP, DMF, One-dimensional code and VIN 

7. supporting bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif file together with ai, dxf, dst, plt. Work on 256 level grey image. Image processing for grey conversion, black white conversion and dot.

8. Free control system and outside equipment.

9.Using imported laser source, high quality strong beam energy,focus marking point is small, ultra-fine marking.

10.Small heat affected area. Prevent material deformation, damaged or burnt. High rate of final products.

11.Using digital galvanometers, lower drift, higher positioning speed, higher performance and higher precision.

12.The overall design meets CE requirements.Wide range of applicable materials.

13. with high-speed marking, could fulfill the bulk and production line marking needs.

14.With high power configuration, besides marking, also could engrave and cut on nonmetal materials.

15. Could mark the larger object with big sizes.

16. Longer lifespan, although fiber laser marking machine is very long could be 100,000 hours, the RF co2 laser marking machine’s lifetime is even longer, can be 200,000 – 300,000 hours.

5.Optical section-Laser Generator

America COHERENT laser source


6.3D Scanning head



*3D Printing


*Cleaning *Curve Marking

*Flying Processing


7.Optical section &LENMARK Software


8.Control card-New version C30 For big size working area

Support the import of kinds of vector files and bitmap files.

Support network port, serial port data reading, can facilitate automatic production line data interaction.

Self-developed software, support further development. Optimization for application, open interface, can be customized to requirements.

Support multi correction methods: fast and high precision correction on high precision ideal platform and free adjustment of each position focal point under the non-ideal plane, and finally achieve full format focus consistency.

Provide production line marking, visual positioning marking, automation marking, and other solutions to meet the diverse needs of the customer.

Support 3D application, support importing of STL model,self-developed model, etc. Support 3D data editing rapid realization of 3D surface marking, relief processing.

Support expansion of 3D scanning requirement, it can realize the rapid localization and reverse processing of 3D work pieces, and the rapid marking of work pieces can be realized without the work piece model


9.Mechanical Section


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