How to operate a China laser marking machine ?
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How to operate a China laser marking machine ?

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Laser marking machines are the most advanced laser equipment. It uses a laser beam to permanently mark the surface of the material. With laser marking equipment, exquisite patterns, trademarks, and text can be engraved. Laser marker machines are divided into various types. If you need, keep reading. China laser marking machine has the following advantages:

    • Security.

    • Permanent.

    • Wide applicability.

    • High processing efficiency.

    • Can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials.


The precision of laser marking machine is high. The light speed of laser is very fine. When it acts on the material surface, the small relocation accuracy can reach 0.01mm. It is suitable for marking fine instruments and parts. The current accuracy can meet the needs of marking on very small plastic and metal surfaces. Laser marking machine is a physical non-contact processing. There is no pollution source of any chemicals, and it is not limited to the shape of the processed products, round and square. It can be curved; It is suitable for a wide range of materials. It can mark the surface of almost all metal and non-metal materials (such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, leather, cloth, paper, etc., different materials, different thicknesses and different hardness materials); Good compatibility, with other processing equipment to form a fully automated production line; The marking of laser marking machine is clear and beautiful, durable and wear-resistant, not easy to be altered and covered, which plays an anti-counterfeiting role to a certain extent; The laser marking machine has a long service life, the core of the whole equipment is the laser, and the service life is more than 20000 hours.China's best quality laser marking machine manufacturer and supplier, factory price of laser cutting machine.

The steps to start and operate the laser marking machine are as follows:

Please clean the work surface before starting the machine.

Check the power cord of the marking machine, make sure it is connected correctly and ensure that the power supply is safely grounded, so as to avoid static electricity and leakage problems leading to equipment failure.

Open the fume extractor or open the fume extractor with a laser system.

Turn on the power of the laser marking machine (after turning on the power, the working indicator is always on and the fan is running)

Turn on the switch button of the display and the switch button of the industrial computer.

Use the computer to open the marking software and open the file to be marked

Place the tooling corresponding to the part to be marked on the table directly below the laser head, and place the part to be marked on

Place the standard template at the place to be marked (basically the same height), and adjust the printing focal length by shaking the handle. When the marking parameters remain unchanged, the laser beam will print the clearest font on the template, and the focus is completed.

Take off the laser lens protective cover; at this point, the opening steps and preparation process of the laser marking machine are completed, and the operator's command can be accepted for marking operations.

End the marking process. Press the »Stop« button if necessary.

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