Disposal Face Mask Machine Production Line
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Disposal Face Mask Machine Production Line


一.设计特点:Design Features

 1. 整条生产线具备自动化程度高,生产效率高的特点。

The whole line is with high automation and high production efficiency.

2. 全机台采用铝合金结构,美观坚固不生锈。 Adopts aluminum alloy structure, without rust, solid and look good.

3. 电脑PLC编程控制,伺服驱动,精度高,稳定性好。Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high precision and good stability.

4. 原材料自动张力控制,保证原材料张力均衡。Automatic tension control of raw materials which  ensure the tension of raw materials and keep balance.

5. 多点光电(光纤)检测上料系统,异常自动报警,避免失误减少浪费。Multi-point photoelectric (optical fiber) detection and feeding system, automatic alarm when abnormal, avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

6. 折叠成型系统能有效减少产品变形。Folding molding system can effectively reduce product deformation.

7. 该生产线可配合口罩自动包装线使用,实现从材料—成品—包装的全程无人化运行。

This production line can be used with automatic mask packaging line to realize unmanned operation from material to finished product to packaging.




Applicable ProductsIt is used for the automatic production of disposable flat (three-layer / four-layer) masks. The materials used are fiber non-woven fabrics professionally used for medical and health. Filter melt spray cloth is made by ultrasonic fusion, and the filtering effect is up to 99%.




Materials supporting

1. Two to three layers of non-woven fabric (25-30 grams).

2. Dissolve spray cloth.

3. Nose bridge support: 5.0mm * 0.55mrr.

4. Ear band: 2.5 ~ 3.0mm diameter round band.








Production Process

1. Check the equipment and check for abnormalities such as voltage and air pressure. Prepare raw materials according to size requirements.

2. Non-woven fabric, solvent spray cloth, ear band and other materials should be placed on the equipment as required.

3. Production line operation produces mask body and ear band welding.

4. Packing according to the number of pieces (manual or automatic line packaging).

5. use equipment to sterilization and disinfection (sterilization and disinfection for medical grade masks for 12 hours).



Technical Parameters(Without bagging machine)


机型 Model


口罩类型  Mask type

一次性耳带式平面口罩   Disposable earband flat mask

设计产能  Design capacity

100~130个/分钟       100 ~ 130 pcs / min

机身材料  Body material

铝合金                Aluminum alloy

控制方式  control method 

PLC 全自动控制         PLC automatic control

检测方式  Detection method

光电检测               Photoelectric detection

工作电压  Operating Voltage

AC 220V/50HZ

工作气压   working pressure

0.5~0.7Mpa(流量:约300L/min) (Flow: about 300L / min)

耗电功率   Power


外形尺寸(mm) Dimensions (mm)


设备质量(KG)  Equipment quality (KG)

1500 KG

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