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1.introduce our longitudinal welding machine to you.

The CNC Drilling and Milling Machine contains a range of advanced features that ensures your production process is smooth and efficient. Our machine is capable of accommodating a range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastics. We have incorporated a rigid and robust design that guarantees superior performance over a long production run.

Our machine is also equipped with user-friendly software that simplifies operation and programming, enabling you to optimize your production requirements to achieve the desired output. You can easily adjust the speed and feed rate to match your needs, and our machine will deliver a consistent and accurate result every time.

Our CNC Drilling and Milling Machine has undergone rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and performance. We take great pride in our product, and we are confident that it will exceed your expectations and deliver excellent value for money.



1. Main performance characteristics:

*Suitable for drilling, milling, round holes, special-shaped holes, plane engraving and other processing of aluminum alloy profiles

*The system adopts Red Sea CNC System

*Using electric spindle, high precision, good safety and high reliability

*X-axis adopts high-precision helical gear and helical rack, Y-axis and Z-axis adopt high-precision ball screw transmission, stable transmission and high precision

*Automatic conversion of processing codes through programming software, simple operation, high efficiency and low labor intensity

*The table is flipped 180°. -90~0°~+90°, the profile can be processed on three sides by one clamping. When processing deep through holes (special-shaped holes), deep hole processing can be realized by turning the table over, with high efficiency and high precision


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