4 Axis CNC Router With Rotary Device/4th Axis
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4 Axis CNC Router With Rotary Device/4th Axis

  • Cnc router with rotary device


  • New Product 2021

  • 3000x3000

  • 220V / 380V

  • as your preference

Product Overview

PCB CNC machine wood cutter surfboard with CNC high-frequency motor spindle
>> Working area: 600*900mm 1300*2500mm 1500*3000mm 2000*3000mm 2000*4000mm 2000*6000mm Working area can be choosed. Other model can be customized according to your requirement. >> Spindle power: 1.5kw / 2.2kw / 3.0kw / 5.5kw / 7.5kw / 9.0 kw;  Water cooling / Air cooling >> Table form: T-slot table / Vacuum table >> Rotary(Optional): on table / by side
Application materials
The Crystal Coast CNC router is with strong functions, easy operation, reliable performance, rich functions, wide application; can be used to process and make any wood products, sign products, bill plates, chest brands, seals, metal foil molds, construction models, instrument panel and industrial molds or non-metal materials, for example, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic plates, wood plate, etc.
Main configuration
# Working area: 1300*2500*200mm(4*8) # Spindle: 3.7 kW Water cooling spindle # Control system: NC-Studio control system   (Mach 3, DSP controller can be chosen) # Rail guide: Taiwan HIWIN linear rail guide+Flange slider # Soft limited switch, Hard limited switch # ATC Tool sensor # Table: T-slot Table or vacuum table # Inverter: Fuling inverter # Tool Sensor, Filter, Cast steel motor Box # New Type Design For the High Stability # Taiwan Best bearing holder # Transmission: X Y axis Helical gear transmission, Z by Taiwan TBI ball screw # Drive system: JMC stepper motors and drivers+patent stepper reducer structure
Optional parts
♦Rotary:  for the cylinder materials. Can be customized according to requirement. ♦Dust collector:  Collect the dust when engraving the material like wood, MDF, PVC. Keep a good working environment. ♦Water tank and water cooling: For metal and stone materials, get a better working effect. ♦Constant power spindle: For metal materials, keep a better working effect.
I Series Crystal Coast CNC Router Model Crystal Coast Sider Rotary Working area X-axis travel 1300mm Y-axis travel 2500mm Z-axis travel 200mm Transmission device X-axis transmission mode precision helical tooth gear transmission Y-axis transmission mode precision helical tooth gear transmission Z-axis transmission mode precision TBI ball screw Travel speed 0-25000mm/min Working speed 0-18000mm/min Table structure T-slot table/vacuum table Driving mode patent stepper reducer structure Spindle power 3.7KW Water-cooled spindle motor Spindle speed 0-24000rpm Diameter of cutter φ3.175-φ12.7mm Command code HPGL G-code Working voltage aC220V/Hz Device interface standard PCI/USB interface Optional Control system NC-studio controller/DSP controller/Mach3 controller Resolution 0.01mm Machine size 3380*2120*1750mm Machine weight 1500kg Rotary 80-300mm Diameter, 2000mm length. Optional parts servo drive system, vacuum device, vacuum adsorption device, replace high-power spindle motor drive The scope of application advertising, furniture, sheet metal processing, handicrafts, decoration, and other industries Performance characteristics high strength, easy storage, high speed, complete circuit accessories, automatic knife tool, and so on
>> Main parts of CNC router1. The bed is the backbone of a CNC router machine, our machine bed adapts wall steel square tube welded together, solid and not deformed. After high-temperature tempering treatment to ensure the best strength and rigidity side arranged structure, heavy column,150*250mm gantry. Compared to ordinary machines, it has a better stability.
2. The machine head of the Crystal Coast  Series is made of T6061/6030 aluminum parts by a professional CNC machining center. After the oxidation surface and low-temperature annealing treatment, the machine head is lighter and more durable.
3. Because the accuracy of the CNC router machine greatly depends on the spindle, The Crystal Coast Series CNC Router machine comes with 3.5 kW high-frequency Air cooling spindle/3.7KW water cooling spindle. Thereby the high precision spindle can considerably reduce maintenance. Fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 24000 RPM, It has more efficiently than before. and comes complete with a pneumatically retractable vacuum hood.
4. Crystal Coast Series use GC HIWIN 20mm square linear rails add Flange slider. The Y-axis adopts a double-row four-column guide rail, with strong bearing force, fast speed, smooth operation, high precision, and a high life span. Rack of K1 adopts a high-precision 1.25 helical tooth rack, which is complementary with the professional motor and professional deceleration device, which runs smoothly, high speed, high precision, and low noise.
5. Crystal Coast series use Stepper motor, the machine torque is big, processing speed is quick, the highest speed can reach 40m/min. With reducer transmission, the machine is more stable, high efficiency, high precision, and low noise. Patent design 1:4 gear reducer install on the driving motor makes the motor is more powerful, and having a longer time service life. The stepper motors are installed on all axes to ensure precise positioning of the gantry and the spindle in accordance with a predetermined program at high speed. Stepper motors are a well-proven high degree of reliability. The machine is installed 4 pieces of motors and patent type stepper reducer*3
6. We are currently equipped with the individual control cabinet for Crystal Coast series
7. Crystal Coast series Machine with 4th rotary axis is mainly used for 2D/3D popular woodworking such as crafts, arts, wood furniture, wood doors, and windows, now the tech CNC router machine for sale with affordable price. Rotary 80-300mm Diameter, 2000mm-3000mm length.
Advantages 1. Adopts 8 mm steel Machine welding bed, after a hundred times’ special vibrate experiment, we ensure that the lathe will not deform during their long-term working hours. With enhanced welding technicals, we provide our machines with good stability, longer life, and an amazing accuracy rate. It is welded by heavy-duty thickened square tube, side hanging structure, heavy-duty column, 150 * 250mm gantry. Z-axis transmission head parts adopt 250mm wide head parts. 2. 3.7 KW Water cooling spindle/3.5kw air cooling spindle with a good cooling effect. Almost no noise, long life. 3. Taiwan Hiwin square rails have higher precision, less wear and tear can maintain high accuracy. it applies to high-speed move and greatly reduces the drive horsepower the machine required. What’s more, can bear the load from left and right / up and down at the same time. 4. Leadshine stepper motor and driver, won't lose a step when it works, guarantee the positional accuracy of the motor. 5. DSP HD100 Handle control system doesn't need to connect to PC. it easily operates and learning, especially for the freshman. 6. The 4 axes rotary device is conveniently for round materials working. 7. Software: compatible with Type3/Artcam/Castmate / Ucancam a variety of CAD / CAM Design Software. 8. Y-axis double-layer protection sheet metal design and rack dustproof sheet metal optimization design, better protection and extend the service life of the transmission system. 9. The assembly process of the whole machine is upgraded, and the dial gauge is calibrated.

Crystal Coast Lathe Bed

The bed body is made of thick wall steel tube welded together, and the whole square tube is thickened, which is firm and not
deformed. After the treatment of high-temperature tempering, the best strength and rigidity of the machine body are guaranteed.

Common Machine Lathe Bed

The bed body is made of industrial pipe welding to ensure the stability of the equipment structure.

Crystal Coast Transmission

Reducer transmission makes the machine more stable, efficient, high-precision, low-noise processing of workpieces.

Common Machine Transmission

Nylon wheel transmission, matched with a motor rack, makes the machine more stable during operation.
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1. How to make the order: 1.1 Please inform us more information about your work, such as: what are the materials you want to process, the work is engraved or cut or others The max size of the materials: Length*wideth*thickness 1.2 Quotation: According to your requirement, we will suggest the most suitable machines and quoted the most competitive price with the best quality. 1.3 Deep communication: Then we talk about the details, such as specification, accessories configuration included parameters, cooperation terms, shipping things, etc. Fix everything and avoid any misunderstanding. 1.4 Placing order: If there is not any problem and we agree with each other, then we send you the PI(proforma invoice)with all the details of the machine, both sides sign contract. Then the customer makes prepayment and send to us the bank receipt pictures. 1.5 Strat to produce: As soon as received your prepayment, we will start to produce, and inform the news of production always, such as pictures, producing videos, testing work, etc. Owning professional testing department, testing precision, real cutting engraving work, and every cable connection again, painting, etc. before delivery. 1.6 Delivery: After the machine finished, we will send detailed pictures and videos to you to confirm, if no problem, will deliver. 1.7 Training We offer professional Training

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