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  • How to maintain and maintain the laser engraving machine in summer

    The guide rail of the laser engraving machine needs to be cleaned frequently. In order to ensure the processing accuracy of the machine, the guide rail and the straight line are required to have high guiding accuracy and good motion stability. Therefore, the cleaning of the guide rail is very impor Read More

  • Considerations/Tips you should take before buying one laser machine

    I wrote this a few years ago. It covers things you should be sure to consider before buying any laser engraver. Boy I wish someone had made this information available to me before I bought my first engraver. This is long but well worth the time if you have never bought a laser engraver before or ar Read More

  • Small laser engraving cutting machine on the gifts cutting

    One friend own a small shop for crafts and many kinds of gifts.Recently he made one small car with his laser engraving machine 60w which bought from us 3 years ago.Today he shared the pictures with me , the plywood and paints etc cost is only no more than five dollars but he could sell it at 35$ at Read More

  • Which power and speed should i set for my laser?

    Here we paste one picture for the laser machine settings test which you could also do this way to use laser engraving cutting machines better.Laser engraving cutting machine tube power is 50WTest on 3.6mm plywood,6mm plywood and 5mm MDF settings.If you wanna to know more about the laser engraving cu Read More

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